@SilverBlades17 Sounds good, and thanks. He and I were kinda in the same circles long ago. Never met him, but always admired him.

Thanks! How do I DM? I'm using the Tusky app.

@SilverBlades17 @Dawnz

The general and I follow each other on Twitter. I'd love to get a signed copy, Andrea.

My graphic opinion below!

1:30 mark - shooter down.

The Dayton shooter, dieing alone, in a corner, while the police keep shooting after he's down, sending lead up his ass! Imagine the pain! While you are dieing, writhing in pain, red hot missiles hitting the bones of your lower spine, your pelvis, and shredding your genitals.


Good shoot, boys. 👊😔

**Trump freezes all Venezuelan government assets in bid to pressure Maduro**

"U.S. President Donald Trump imposed a freeze on all Venezuelan government assets in the United States on Monday, sharply escalating an economic and diplomatic pressure campaign aimed at removing so…"


#news #bot

I want to stand on the rooftops and yell!! HOORAH!
The president just said that we need to reinvestigate the mental health laws that prohibit us from detaining people against their will that are mentally unstable.

A compilation of mass shooters (those who shot 4 or more people in a single incident) in 2019.

Just to put things in a little perspective.


Cretins and liars. Both profiles, as shown, are FALSE.

There are cretins changing profiles and gullible morons believing it on both sides.

This is the original My Life "bio."

Do not jump on the hysteria.

Stop, listen, think.

Don't be a manipulated moron.

Just one more thing: After being in Europe for over three weeks, my faith in the USA & its people never wavered. It didn't waver today, even in light of today's tragedy. We have so many more good people here than evil. Please find comfort in that; no matter what lies the media tries to sell with the blood of innocents. We are a country of God-fearing patriots. Always & forever.

Afternoon started at the Rayburn House Building.


I did NOT go in here. Just held my nose (literally) and took a few more steps.

I was going next door...


@Debradelai Ah ha! I knew I would find you there, lurking....just hoping to cop a selfie with the pencil neck himself! But alas, like the Sasquatch he is, elusive he was...

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