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Just kicked in a little. We live on my mil disability, so it ain't much. If I could, I'd add a few zero's to it. Here they are:



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I almost feel like I should be paying you tuition, Saul!

Life University
School of Hard Knocks

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I think of SQV as the place where we continue to be educated using facts, analysis, critical thinking and spirited debate—like our colleges used to offer before all the liberal bias and BS.

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All who toot make the place what it is

Imagine building something

Think of of all parts you need to make it work

Imagine if some of those parts aren't available

The thing just won't be right w/o them

Each of us is one of those parts

Each toot adds to the place

Each toot effects someone, raises questions, increases understanding.

Each toot is integral in building the "something" that WILL BE something great!

@Torchbearer Thanks, Jack. I was just writing my appeal to twatter asking them to lift my suspension, (because I thought I missed all the retweets and likes), and realized I haven't wanted to throw my phone for a couple days now. I'm calmer, while still being able to read the important stuff from twatter because of how much it gets tooted here.

It's like a filter, and I'm getting better for it. Now, if I could just keep my size 14W foot outa my mouth....


@Torchbearer See, I'm the opposite. I'm the guy always walking through the house with dog dodo on his shoes. But I'm trying...

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