The 67 Genders are labels for sexual acts or fetishes

Think that over , you go from man or woman to some sex act. Which is what they do to SEX slaves

Your KIDS are being reduced to see themselves as a sexual act

Perverse ?

YES and in the worst way

The way you explained it-it makes sense! I knew it was something along those lines but I didnt know how to verbalize it. Ty!!


It’s truly disgusting people classify themselves by who they sleep with.
Keep it in the bedroom. We don’t care.

Let kids be kids.


Forcing the world to accept and identify that there are genders beyond male and female is a psychotic fantasy and is an attack on people’s sense of reasoning, regardless of what trips their trigger. The only exception is the androgyny... being both male and female. People are free to believe what they want... but for instance I don’t have to play in their mental illness playground of believing that a transvestite is a “Trans woman.” It’s a sexual proclivity... not a “gender.”


and the deeper truth is that the whole perversion is being pushed upon the population rather than having originated with it. there is an agenda behind it. several in fact. and it seems FB has thought of a few not included in the 67 you speak of.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.