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@GenFlynn Also, Norwegian ministers ARE in emergency meetings so I believe you know things not yet publicly known.

Best @GenFlynn - I notice you mentioned two Norwegian energy lines. Do you refer to Nordstream or to another attack?

Sincerely a Norwegian citizen.

For anyone awake, this live stream covers the rescue of a stranded truck after a bridge collapsed in norway last week

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Rett Person🎯
Aug 9

This timed very well with anti-lockdown bureaucrats, who also publicly broke rank with politicians and pro-lockdown people.

And here we are.


Now, this has not been an obvious solution. We have had bureaucrats pushing for more lockdown and even var-passports. However, we also had bureaucrats who opposed restrictions.

So just before Christmas something happened: A group of health proffesionals gathered, and went public and demanded less restrictions.

Norway have remove every single covid restriction.

No masks.
No tests.
No mandates.

If you have symptoms on anything, you're asked to stay home. But that’s how it’s always been.

I have long had a strong dislike for Alex Jones. However, I think he is a really good interviewer, and this interview with Jim Hoft is interesting.

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This article below is a response to the disgusting diatribe from Jake Tapper targeting RFK Jr. regarding his new book (The Real Anthony Fauci)…the article and the book are both essential reading for anyone who cares about our health, our democracy and the future of the free world.

“Under the apparent terms of that sponsorship, CNN and Tapper provide Pfizer a platform to market its products and allow the drug company — a serial felon — to dictate content on CNN.”

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