Carlos wrote a depressing thread about his depressing brother.
At the end a beautifull baloon, to stay strong
People in the comments sending prayers.
The message is, "Be strong."
So I'll continue to be strong.
And maybe I'll be spared the future that I feel is coming.
What will be will be.
And @realDonaldTrump
is still president.

Dear @ThomasWic
I hope your friend Carlos is safe and recovering.
Sending all my love


Doing REALLY well, medically, on solving the CoronaVirus situation (Plague!). It will happen!

Dr Klinghardt, Seattle, is at the forefront of Covid, Lyme, Autism, ...
So very critical. He has a unique "talent stack" and checks for scientific evidence, but the medical establishment does not like him too much.
In this swiss-german video (which is very critical) at the end he reports, that since Trump nobody of them gets harrassed anymore, when the say something critical, a dramatic shift. And he says his co-doctors and his patients like Trump (Seattle!).

Today I listened to Klinghards regular Corona-Update.
He cited lots of studies from China and said, one of his doctors (he has a clinic in Seattle) is chinese and she regularly phones the hospitals in China.
So: they really got the numbers down to zero, its not fake BUT
its because they are treating the patients with
- standard Hydrochloroquine (+ ...)
- Vitamin C infusions (he said jokingly: western doctors think Vitamin C is only for stupid lay-people)
- Melatonin

slides to come

I know a german lecture will not help you, but I wanted to send you the complete information, as it really impressed me how he talked about Menier's disease. Its one of the last questions in the q&a part. Maybe you just listen and see how you feel about him.
I know him from Lyme and now follow for Corona, as he has a really unique "talent-stack": very experienced, very informed, safe treatments AND he already worked with SARS and MERS ...

Today Klinghardt in the Q&Apart of his weekly Corona-Update was asked about Meniers disease.
It was clear, he knows it very well, mentioned several approaches and traumatization as the first of possible causes.
This is his US-outlet:

The Corona-update was in german, will be again accessible 11-13/5 at this adress:


Andreas Kalcker on CDS:

from the comments:
Trumps mentions yesterday what Kalcker is promoting here :)

Germany: many people getting really angry now, domonstrating.
But many weird theories around.
Politics starts opening the country.

I have written a thread on my father on the occasion of the end of the Second World War. This shows where the journey has reached:
What if all that matters to the death rate is the number of elevators, subways, and nursing homes in your state? It's starting to look that way.

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