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Good lord.

Now I'm convinced. No wonder Trump is such a military genius. He's done it all before.

Multiple times.

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Why can’t Bernie supporters understand that Bernie got too many votes and the DNC needs to re-distribute them to other candidates.

Is this not the system they advocate for?

My greatest gift to society is my lack of participation in it.

You are welcome.

In lou of flowers send money.

Since Mankind controls the weather, I would like to thank those involved with providing me a superb summer and fall.

I truly can’t believe how great it has been.

I will however welcome winter as I want to get back on the mountain and ski.

Game of Thrones is just Harry Potter with the magic replaced by rape porn.

Change my mind.

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Just when the dumpster fire, that is the Virginia Democrats, was going out, the First Lady of VA says, hold my mint julep, I need to throw some gas back on this fire.

This has been an interesting look at the white side of Black History month. Well done Virginia Dems, well done.

The reason there are so many democratic candidates running for 2020 is not to win but to build brand recognition for 2024.

They know that the electoral math does not favor any of them in 2020 especially if the economy is still doing well but 2024 is a different situation.

Change my mind.

I have decided to

'Identify as Democrat’

As this seems to be a magic shield that will protect me from any past or present legal/social transgressions.

You cannot question my motives or identity because of this.

I am now fully protected.

Now where do I get the free stuff?

This site provides you VALUE
so provide Value back with a donation. $5 per month makes a huge difference.

I am not affiliated with the site, just a user who wants it to thrive.

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@ThomasWic HI, hope you are well. Have you moved to Las Vegas yet.
Be well, thanks for your posts and videos.

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