Little factoid from this youtube video starting at 10 minutes: “In order to issue subpoenas in the Senate, the Senate chairman need the consent of the ranking minority member (Dem).”

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You Buy A Bag, We Give A Bag!!! For every bag of our coffee you buy, we'll send a bag of coffee to deployed troops overseas. We'll be delivering these bags all the way through Christmas, supporting the troops the best way we know how: copious amounts of caffeine.

mind-blowing thread in response to a modern bug eating article.

it's like everything just fell into place in my head

🎶Condi, condi, condi I can't let you go.
Life is crazy.
Condi, baby🎶

"Algorithmic discrimination" as per Google's usage means things like the fact 87% of CEO's being male and the Algorithmic accurately portraying that is "discrimination" against women.
This (in their view) leads to narrow thinking. Which leads to more practical purchases. Eroding the culture of buying superficial status symbols (Nikes, going to the new Marvel Movie, toys). This inhibits consumerism, that fuels their advertisement business.

Having search results that reflect the user's desire instead of reality improves their ad selling revenue.

Google Leaks: Everyone has to feel good about themselves, so they'll buy more worthless crap.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.