Gold pens brought in on silver platters. You can't make this stuff up.
These were the ceremonial pens that Nancy Pelosi used yesterday to sign the House's resolution transmitting articles of impeachment over to the Senate. In a perverse form of celebration, these pens were later handed out as souvenirs to those who have been working tirelessly for impeachment since the moment President Trump was elected.
Gold pens literally carried in on silver platters.


Taxpayers paid $15,000.00 for those damned "bullet pens." And the word "United" engraved on the pens was misspelled.

At the same time, President Trump was busy signing a trade deal with China, worth billions.
Pen: Sharpie
Price: $1.99

The irony is undeniable.

@Cdubois @scottfree So, $500.00 per pen. Someone said they were Mont Blanc. smdh.

@scottfree if that bitch Pelosi used out taxpayer money for these pens...she needs to pay it back out of her own pocket, apologize and be censured.

@scottfree REALLY REALLY REALLY pisses me off, as well as the majority of Americans who are against this sham. We need to stand up and demand Pelosi repay those funds from her pocket.

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