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JW Uncovers DOJ Docs Showing Numerous Bruce Ohr Communications w/ Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele via @YouTube

Clandestine Rosenstein

"How many times have I told you that these reports about Rosenstein leaving are all disinformation. They have been floating around since April last year and they never happen.

Trump could fire RR at any time and chooses not to. RR is our guy now. He’s my avi for a reason."

Mark Meadows @RepMarkMeadows
While Democrats continue investigating anything and everything related to President Trump, @POTUS and his team keep delivering results. 71% approval rating on the economy is an incredible number. Let’s keep it going.

Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC

"Americans are exhausted of being the pawns of both Democrats and yes, some Republicans...they want this to stop. For 2 yrs enemies of @realDonaldTrump tried everything to turn the nation against a sitting president and have him impeached.

Nunes Says Lisa Page’s Testimony Confirms Conspiracy To Protect Clinton

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@scottfree efforts are already beginning. Also, with enough signatures we can force this onto a ballot

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Tom Fitton says Trump is victim of a crime and should be treated that way.

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