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@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Ms_Kux @Debradelai @REX I agree Jack. I also get a monthly receipt on Pay Pal. I couldn’t just watch, I had to contribute to this amazing effort by @Debradelai. It’s about Freedom. It’s my honor.

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For most of his life, Padre Pio was viciously persecuted by the Church he served. He had very powerful enemies in the Vatican. He was basically held under house arrest for decades. Was denied the right to even celebrate Mass publicly. Was falsely accused of sexual misconduct, misappropriating funds; the works.

A cult did develop around him, with many distasteful circus elements. But he himself was a truly holy man of God.

Today’s word on BB was HECATOMB.

“Hecatombe” in spanish.

From Greek “hekatómbē”.

@wretchardthecat: "The new trend is for public figures to portray themselves as simultaneously authoritative and pitifully ignorant. How could I know he was a Nazi? How could I know fire alarms alarmed? Poor me. How dare you question me?"


I hear it all the time from my 16yr old daughter..

Her - I HATE it when boys stare at me or other girls..or even make comments!

ME - Why are you dressed like that? You're going to get a lot of unwanted attention..

Her - I can dress how ever I want! I'm not going to be chained down or have anyone tell me what to do!

ME - But when you dress like it's Octoberfest, you'll get the attention you claim you don't like..

Her - I hate boys! Why am I alone??



Read between the lines here -

AI girlfriends are ruining an entire generation of men

Yep....dopey Beta-boys are now pursuing artificial girlfriends and according to this study, it's creating a generation a lonely, screwed up boys..

But take things a step further - WHY are boys looking to AI for girlfriends? Perhaps because the current generation of WOKE girls & women are pushing guys away in the name of neo-feminism and unrealistic expectations.


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Allow me to add to this commentary pertaining to volcanoes and their potential eruptions..

Such release of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses are contributing to the climate change and should therefore by fined and eventually banned. I mean really - how many carbon credits are going to be required to offset a super-volcano??

🤣 🤣 🤣

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The following is probably one of the best movies on Padre Pio, to date. It's in Italian with an auto-translation function built into English subtitles that is available.

Padre Pio, Miracle Man (2000)


With all the Jamaal Bowman news today, Senator Al Franken has also come forward with a statement…

Beijing Diane croaked her last croak.

And I could not give less of a shit.


Despite all of the "love" being exuded by the likes of Graham, Collins and the rest of the gang, this is her legacy without words.

Beard Blather 187

"It's a Mad World"

Like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes, one has got to think we are trapped in a Mad World.

Thomas Wictor and Saul Montes-Bradley discuss whatever comes to their minds.

Saturday, LIVE
11:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm pacific

New U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said during an interview that aired on Sunday that the Mexican drug cartels are flooding the U.S. border with illegal immigrants in part as a distraction so they can smuggle drugs, criminals, and weapons into the U.S.
Owens made the remarks during an interview with ABC News’ “This Week” while talking about the historic surge in illegal immigration unfolding on the southern border that has occurred under President Joe Biden.

Hum Diddy Boom Boom!

Been there, done that!

Better than anyone else in the history of the world!

“Among the manufacturers are companies headquartered in the countries of the sanctions coalition: the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Japan, and Poland,”

The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital has stopped providing gender-transition procedures for minors, it announced earlier this month, due to a provision in the Missouri SAFE Act which “creates unsustainable liability” for its operations.

The law was passed earlier this year and became effective on Aug. 28.

Target is the latest company to shutter outlets in liberal cities amid rising crime.

The shopping giant will close nine stores in Portland, Ore.; Seattle; New York City; and San Francisco at the end of October.

"We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance," Target said in a press release.

any vote for a candidate not named donald trump in 2024 is a vote to ensure democrats use lawfare against their political opponents indefinitely

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