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@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Ms_Kux @Debradelai @REX I agree Jack. I also get a monthly receipt on Pay Pal. I couldn’t just watch, I had to contribute to this amazing effort by @Debradelai. It’s about Freedom. It’s my honor.


Hat tip to @hnijohnmiller. It’s a reference to his stalwart rule to “wait 48 hours before forming an opinion” on ANYTHING that shows up in the MSM headlines. It’s good advice, and without exception it’s served me well.

Okay everybody — CALM DOWN.

Yes, Mar-A-Lago was raided. Don’t fall into the hands of the Dems and freak out. Yeah, it was blatantly flagrant. But surprising? NO. In the coming days we’ll know *IF* the DOJ/FBI actually got anything significant. If Trump has learned ANYTHING in the last 6 years, it’s that he’d better expect crap like this and have all his bases covered. I’m betting he was OVERLY prepared for something like this. FUDGE RULE APPLIES.

Pointsettias that I've grown from seed.

They are SO slow growing but should be ready by Christmas.

This has been so much fun.

If Donald Trump did take something, he should have hidden it under Hunter’s pile of hookers and blow.

No one ever looks there.

Going to be a great VIP Room tomorrow night. Between now and then, things will change.

This will bring you to tears, great video and clips of President Trumps words.....🇺🇸 🇺🇸

I’m old enough to remember another empty safe from long ago. If it weren’t for the horrific implications of this raid, it would be laughable.
But this is real, and I’m sickened by every bit of it.

Kudos to the Cuban in that red truck in front of Mar-a-Lago flying an American flag and a Cuban flag with "Patria y Vida" on it.

Homeland and Life.

God bless the USA. God bless Trump and his family.

I’ve had enough F 🐝👁 tonight.
Sleep well Quods😴

The FBI just united the entire world behind President Trump.

@TenniSommelier @IrredeemableOne

"As to the coincidence between Steve Bannon’s idea of “enlightened” capitalism and the DHI’s vision of human dignity, I really think they are in perfect synergy with one another. I think it’s there in the heart of the magisterium, too, all the way from [Pope Leo XIII’s 1891 social encyclical] Rerum Novarum to [Pope St. John Paul II’s 1991 encyclical] Centesimus Annus."

6/ Precedent has now been set so past President's homes, estates, etc. can now by raided.

I'm wondering if Bill, Hillary, and Barack have put this together yet…

Turnaround is fair play, B*tches and the knife cuts BOTH ways.. Just give it time..


Mini-Thread - Trump-A-Go-Go

1/ So news broke that the FBI raided Mar a Lago. Allow me to go out on a limb here to remind everyone to calm down and not let our emotions go wild here.

As a few have said already, Trump is smarter than the average bear and the tactics being used by the DOJ and FBI are INTENDED to cause all the hens in the coop to gasp and cluck in despair.

I notice we aren't applying the Fudge rule to this raid. I wonder how it will look when the smoke clears.

@Jagaro @YoungBlood

Worry not. The safe is still as empty as it was when the FBI opened it.

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