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@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Ms_Kux @Debradelai @REX I agree Jack. I also get a monthly receipt on Pay Pal. I couldn’t just watch, I had to contribute to this amazing effort by @Debradelai. It’s about Freedom. It’s my honor.


SHE was a woman who wanted to be a man.

The utter arrogance these dipshits possess to think they know better than their creator.

@mirandadevine: "All the woes of the Biden administration buried under an avalanche of Trump. Crack cocaine to left wing media

>@LidiaNews: 'Today’s headlines [screenshots]'"

if you have been following DROP's consistent threads about the horrific working conditions of the big chain pharmacies(CVS, wags, etc), you'll know that everything in this article has been the case long before the pandemic.

@greta: "This is a troubling lack of understanding of constitution rights…an accused does NOT have to prove anything..the prosecution has the burden of proof and it is ‘beyond a reasonable doubt” [screenshot]"

@Jim_Jordan: "Nancy Pelosi says President Trump has to 'prove his innocence.'

That’s not how it works in this country.

But that’s how Democrats think. And it’s scary."

@BirdDog we've heard this before multiple times. the dems spied on a political opponents campaign. UNPRECEDENTED! The dems impeached a sitting president over nothing. UNPRECEDENTED! they just guaranteed trumps re-election!

we all know how that turned out.

So while everyone on the Right is now patting themselves on the back over how NY DA Alvin Brag just 'handed Trump the Presidency', folks also need to realize it's not a slam-dunk..

If any of us know the Dems & their corrupt cronies in the Judicial system, take a moment to recall how Gen. Flynn, Paul Manafort, or even Roger Stone were treated..

I'm betting the Dem strategy is not so much to secure a conviction as much as it's to cause as much Pain as possible before letting Trump go..


@disclosetv: "JUST IN - Trump statement: 'This is Political Persecution and Election Interference at the highest level in history.' [statement]"

@Debradelai I Do MISS ur show. I have tried to join your new show but for some reason I just can’t seem to join. Could please send me the link again so I can go to someone and get on. Thank you Saul. I do miss talking with you & Everyone on. Good night. I truly hope this msg finds you & ur Family well.

Well...Bragg just did manage to indict a ham sandwich.

So much for yesterday's reports of a month hiatus.

A statute limited misdemeanor.

CNN is absolutely giddy tonight fantasizing about Trump mug shots and handcuffs. What a bunch of morons.

Reportedly, Phil Collins will not be with us for much longer.


Here's a 1987 concert of Genesis, at its peak of (post Gabriel) greatness.


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