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@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Ms_Kux @Debradelai @REX I agree Jack. I also get a monthly receipt on Pay Pal. I couldn’t just watch, I had to contribute to this amazing effort by @Debradelai. It’s about Freedom. It’s my honor.

Pelosi KNOWS....

You can see it in her eyes...

frozen acknowledgement.

The flawed political ship she so carefully built is sinking.

The Titanic is going down.

The world's proudly politically governing ship hit the tip of the iceberg in 2016.

The magnitude of the damage done beneath the surface then, has now become apparent to everyone......

The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and our wisely led founding fathers stood firm against it.


Man....could "things" be going ANY better than they are now?

Democrats campaigning FOR GOP landslide in Nov. 2020.

FOUR more Fed judges in.

NATO cowering before Trump

Massive consumer holiday celebrations

Charles Schwab HQ moving to TEXAS.

401K's making regular folks into millionaires

AG Barr INDICTING a bunch of Hillary's bundlers....

AND, the Battleship U.S.S. Melania fires her 16" Main Deck Guns at the Democrats??!

Holy Smokes!!

WaPo : 'OMG! Horowitz and Barr are, like, fighting...according to people familiar with the matter.'

As if A G Barr & OIG Horowitz insiders would suddenly start leaking stuff now, some 3 3/4 years after Horowitz was appointed.

So it's either BS, or these WaPo losers are being deliberately fed BS and publishing it. My bet is the latter.

I'm with Brian @drawandstrike - sure Horowitz can't indict & prosecute etc, but I think his IG Report is going to be an absolute doozy.

Nancy Pelosi:

"I don't hate anyone, I was raised in a way that is full...heart full of love and always pray for the President..."

Sure Nancy

I didn't watch these so called scholars yesterday.

20 seconds in & it was confirmed they weren't to be taken seriously.

"Rep. Gaetz then asked the witnesses to raise their hand if any one of them had personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff report.""


For @HeshmatAlavi

Iran is the prize, so multiple tests have to be made first.

Watch this video from Iraq.

SpyGate will destroy most of the worst leak hungry MSM hacks. OIG report next week will be DEVASTATING. For Rs and Ds and Media. A shift will happen.

TIMING of the OIG Report 12/9 and Hero Horowitz testifying to congress 12/11 will give enough time until Christmas for rational thought to take hold. @drawandstrike is right! Be patient for the FACTS.

This a real low point in our culture, artistically and socially.

But we'll bounce back.

In his second term, trump will utterly transform the education system.

You can bet that the groundwork has already been laid.

In the meantime, I watch old stuff.

It's just funnier.


U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper:
-Our forces have completed their withdrawal from NE Syria.
-We will keep about 600 troops in Syria. The number can be reduced if allied countries decide to send troops.
-No progress in talks with Turkey on S-400 system.
(File Photo)

Democrats: The President wasn't following established proceedures!
Translation: The President wasn't doing what all other Presidents have done in the last hundred years.
Democrats: The President's actions have threatened our National Security.
Translation: The President has threatened our financial security and money laundering schemes.
Democrats: The President is using his office to investigate a political opponent.
Translation: The President is exposing our corruption to the American people.

"The Senate Confirmed Four Federal Judges While The House Heard Impeachment Testimony - The Daily Caller"

Prediction: PM Boris Johnson will appoint Nigel Farage as his US ambassador. A good choice, but also Farage's price for Brexit Party backing Johnson in his oncoming election victory.

Remember : you heard it here first.

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