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Pelosi KNOWS....

You can see it in her eyes...

frozen acknowledgement.

The flawed political ship she so carefully built is sinking.

The Titanic is going down.

The world's proudly politically governing ship hit the tip of the iceberg in 2016.

The magnitude of the damage done beneath the surface then, has now become apparent to everyone......

The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and our wisely led founding fathers stood firm against it.


"I think a point should be made that since Trump came into the oval office, our worries about terrorism has reached lows not seen since pre 9/11. One of his greatest accomplishments and hardly nobody ever mentions it."

To those who are impatient.

Remember. Trump's MO is to WAIT.

And act at the very last minute.

Remember the weeks leading up to 'Andy' McCabe's dismissal?

Trump waited until the SOB couldn't get his pension.

Just the beginning of McCabe's worries, too.


You may not like it, but Trump is EXTREMELY vindictive to his enemies.

I missed this when it was released 4 months ago.....

Music by Hannah Hoffman
Lyrics by JOE BIDEN

The Trump YouTube "takeover" has begun.

This is gonna be brutal.


I have people in my TL on FB mad as hell about the Kamala pick because of her incarceration record and not being black enough. I also have people in my TL elated because they are members of the same sorority. It's a hell of a time to be alive. They will spend more time fighting each other than hating Trump until he wins again.


He allows them to puff themselves up, until they reach foam at the mouth stage.

Then - lowers the boom. 😎

They fall for it every time. Every single time

Shared by our dear friend, Carlos.

Once a man clambering to the housetops
Appealed to the heavens.
With a strong voice he called to the deaf spheres;
A warrior's shout he raised to the suns.
Lo, at last, there was a dot on the clouds,
And – at last and at last –
– God – the sky was filled with armies.
Stephen Crane

@JM @Mongo3804 @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Dawnz @Debradelai

If EVERYONE gave ONE DOLLAR a month it would keep the lights on.
5 Dollars and we could put up some new lights.

If 5 dollars a month is going to break your bank then God Bless you.

No one had a phone, much less a cellular phone.
No one had weather forecasts, there were no satellites.
No one had ever ridden on a train--locomotives were science fiction then.
No one had ridden in a motor car.
No one read at night unless it was by candlelight or a lamp burning whale oil.
No one had ever sent a telegram--there was no electricity.
No computers, no air conditioning, no elevators, no airplanes.
A fairly primitive world, but with an idea that all men had
rights from God.

Ask your progressive friends and family what THEY would have done as a citizen of one of Britain's American colonies in 1776, knowing only what people knew in 1776.
Would they have remained loyal to the King of England??
Or would they have sought independence from the Crown to try to find a better option of governance??
Would they like to be forced to pledge fealty to the Church of England??

Make them answer....
demand an answer....
and they will see that our nation's Fathers were not bad men.

A thread on Qasim Rashid who seeks to enter Congress. His viewpoints & ties to Iran's network of apologists/lobbyists are dangerous. Virginia's 1st District & all Americans should be very careful.

The country came together in a strong show of unity last night and put up the best fireworks displays ever against our oppressive communist corrupted government that banned them.

@WarriorPoet @Argentum47

When this rioting first broke out, I sat down with my dear wife and told her to NEVER stop her vehicle if surrounded by rioting maniacs.

Told her I'd rather accompany her to her trial than her funeral.

Brilliant black thinkers on the issues before us, where it went wrong, and how best to move forward:


Like I said.

Want to dismantle the police?

Go ahead, make my day...

@umad80 Nobody is standing for racism. Nobody is out there defending Derek Chauvin. Nobody is saying what he did was right. Nobody is saying criminals deserve to die. Nobody is saying black lives don't matter.

Why does the color of the skin of a restaurant matter at all?

Segregation is back courtesy of the American left.

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