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Pelosi KNOWS....

You can see it in her eyes...

frozen acknowledgement.

The flawed political ship she so carefully built is sinking.

The Titanic is going down.

The world's proudly politically governing ship hit the tip of the iceberg in 2016.

The magnitude of the damage done beneath the surface then, has now become apparent to everyone......

The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and our wisely led founding fathers stood firm against it.



And like Lessons Learned of old,
it's like corralling horses.🤣🤣

A tip of the hat to @ThomasWic


While I have your attention,

this is Patrick Underwood.

He was murdered last night in Oakland near the George Floyd riots.

There are no protests for Patrick Underwood.

Women protesting forced Hijab a few days after the revolution in Iran, 1979.

President Trump''s copter presser today. Goes about six minutes. Listen carefully . Does this sound like a man who is worried about anything?
This bring me great comfort. If he's not worried. I'm not worried.


At her age, stepping on a banana peel is life threatening.

That cat has already used up nine lives.

It's 50/50 at best.

Ginsburg is trending now on twitter.

She had a cholecystostomy procedure to drain the gallbladder. She is too high risk to have it surgically removed, so apparently that is the alternative in those situations.

So it's evidently somewhat more serious than the first reports seemed. But she is still said to be recovering well

Whose brilliant idea was it to count Sniffles patients by... RACE?

What unknown bureaucrat in the bowels of the CDC decided that how many whites, blacks, reds, yellows, checkered, blues or fucsias with yellow polka dots humans makes any difference?

Who gives a shit and why?

Democrats have planted racism so deep in the American psyche that few will know why this is not just ludicrous but obscene.

I wonder if we'll ever be able to climb out of this abyss.

Hey, journalists: Tired of being called enemies of the people? Maybe stop being enemies of the people.


Time and again.

DC is a cesspool. It should be placed back under direct administration of the,Presidents office.

It is not a state and not an autonomous coty.

It is a federal district.

Time to go back to basics.

While they're at it, let 'em take Fairfax and Alexandria and free Virginia from the swamp.


Going to spill it.

Daman Wayans once told a joke about racism. He said he was asked, "Daman, now that you've made all this money, is there racism in Hollywood?"

Daman says that he answered, "No suh! If'n they is, I ain't seen none!"

VN has low cases, low deaths. No panic at any time, already casual lockdown restrictions were substantially loosened yesterday, and everything here has been incredibly calm and orderly.

But how many actual infections and deaths due to CV-19?

SCE is getting ready to move power lines through our area and watching the process just amazes me. The helicopter pilot holding steady for this is unbelievable but what I really want to know is .... what the hell do they pay the guy that's swinging below?

Carlos Osweda



When children misuse their toys, parents TAKE AWAY the toys.

@realDonaldTrump took no questions today.

@Angela @darulharb @ThomasWic @REX

And yet his response is brief, accurate and to the point.

More, while TW contributes greatly to this place every day in ways you can and cannot see, Rex chose to have a tantrum when he was reminded no one is except from our rules.

Both come and go as they please, and there the similarity ends.


In the future, it may be remembered with "Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" The economy returning strong from this induced "pause" is a prediction, which realized, will be a similar shock to a lot of people.

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