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When I think of Mairzy Doats Hirono, the first word that comes to mind is "smart."

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For all you dog lovers:

I've never seen anything like this.

A canine practical joker.

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What's the point of praying, when you have no faith in Trump?

Did you know that stress hormones give you cardiovascular disease?

Trump is effortlessly defeating his opponents, but his "supporters" are all going to die of heart attacks because they have no faith.

It's crazy.

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Do you get the feeling that the Democrats are walking into their own destruction by demanding "full transparency" on the Mueller report??

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What an honour to have American patriot and hero @GenFlynn at QV.

Thank you, sir, for all you have done and endured on our behalf. Dawn is coming.


@Debradelai @ThomasWic

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(5) Notice I did not suspend or banned them from this place.

I simply pushed them into the void of the unseen to me.

And that is a remedy we all have for unwanted attention.

There is a reason we have "mute" and "block" as options available to us.

Some reported toots because they found them at odds with their beliefs.

I took no action.

Somebody pesters you or you simply dislike them?

Block 'em. Don't come to me.

We each take care of our own garden.

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Night ya'll. I'm beat.

Never let assholes get you down.

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I loved Chapelle too.

He did a short film in which he was a blind Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan who didn't know that he was black.

The Klansmen wouldn't tell him because he was the most racist, effective leader they'd ever had.

VERY funny, but so absurdist that it wasn't mean spirited.

Also the short film with Wayne Brady. Stunning. Again, not mean spirited.

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@Grampzilla @REX

We don't allow flame wars and mindless belligerence.

Although we prefer the users to press their mute and block buttons, we also want to know about bad-faith tooters who simply want to cause trouble on a wide scale.

They get the boot. We require civility.

That is all.

Carry on.

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Umm, I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to LOL,

ahahhahahahaha, ahahahahahha

I just came out as a Trump supporter to my Canadian relatives on Wednesday and they were all shocked and tsk tsk tsk.

And I quote, "How can you? He's so corrupt!"

ahahahahahha ahahahahahha ahahahahahha

To the boy prince:

Wew Lad. You let down yer dad.

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There something not quite right about Trump's abrupt departure from Hanoi, IMO.

Thing is, I'm sure that he and Kim both had a deal worked out and planned to announce it.

There's no doubt Trump would be livid about this Cohen stunt, a Clinton hit job. I wonder whether he has decided to drop the hammer on these losers.

If it's the case Trump is coming back to put an end to their BS, things could get ugly fast for Obama and Clinton. Fingers crossed.

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@Cube @LoriToney @drawandstrike
Yes, while in reality Trump and Kim are both laughing at legacy media. 😅😅 As do we all!

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Loving being in on the ground floor of quodverum social where so many of my favorite people's opinions are finally free being censored.

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To those of us who grew up during the Vietnam war, today was a historic moment of epic proportions.

An American President greeted by flowers and American flags by the people of Hanoi lining the streets along the route of his motorcade.

That the Democrats and the press chose to spend this time masturbating each other over Cohen is utterly irrelevant.

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People getting stressed out about Cohen don't get it.

Trump and his people aren't dummies. They would have known about and then gamed this Cohen stunt weeks ago, from every conceivable angle. They have spies everywhere.

Compared to the enemies Trump has had to face in his past, Cohen, Pelosi and Schumer are small fry.

WATCH & LEARN as the hapless Dems & Cohen pay the price. Ain't going to be pretty


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it is NOT our responsibility to militarily intervene in Venezuela, nor should it be our preferred motive in dealing with their crisis. above all, we should support as peaceful a transition as can be had. we do NOT need to 'nation build'. we just need to support the Venezuelan PEOPLE when they choose to correct their political course and free themselves from the mutual slavery of socialism.

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@ThomasWic Yes, it's clear from that short video clip that Kim understands English perfectly and probably speaks it just fine too. I love the little smile he makes at the end, it's like a couple of buddies greeting each other at the bar or something.

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You can't be SCARED.

I had the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Nazis, and Antfia after me SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Some hills are worth dying on.

“Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”

--Minnie Louise Haskins

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