House Dems are trying to talk Pelosi into supporting impeachment. They say she will have to change her position within 2 weeks.

2 hours later and it appears she has folded...

Tweet from Chad Pergram:

"Pelosi as she leaves the Capitol after meeting with Dem ldrs & Nadler on if there is a divide among Democrats on impeachment. “There’s no divide...we’re fine. We’re good”"

@ThomasWic We don't even get to know who put the pressure on her. It's hilarious! They're all throwing her and themselves under the bus.

"Sr Hse Democrat who asked they not be identified asserted that Pelosi will likely have to switch her position on impeachment “within the next two weeks.”

The Democrat argued that “the vast majority of us are for impeachment.”"


Paul Ryan learned the hard way that Trump ruthlessly cleans house.

The Democrats might just learn the same lesson.

Too late, of course. Just like Ryan.

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