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The best way I know how to share a YouTube link in a toot from your phone without it looking suspect:

From the YouTube app, click "Share", then "Copy link to clipboard".

Open a web browser and paste the link you copied into the address bar. Your link will resolve to a link. Copy the link from the address bar and paste into your toot. As long as your link is from or, you are good.

What you DON'T want is a link from "" .

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The story of my existence:

My grandfather was a B17 co-pilot in WWII. He flew 25 successful bombing missions over Germany before being shot down in August of 1944. The plane glided straight up with 4 engines on fire, then exploded. 2 KIA. 1 evadee. The other 6, including my grandfather, were captured as POWs in the Stalag Luft III (same place where "The Great Escape" occurred). After the war, he was freed by the 14th Armored Division and sent home to California to start a family.

Democrats are now talking to the Kurds to "repair the broken relationship" with the US.

Meanwhile, Kurds and Americans are still conducting joint operations.

TR/DL - Sondland was cool when Trump went after corruption, but when he started going after corruption, it became "insidious".

That’s how it was always described. And then finally at some point I made the Biden-Burisma
connection, and then the transcript was released. So I can’t tell you on that continuum when,
what dates, but that’s kind of what happened.”
“It kept—it kept getting more insidious as [the] timeline went on, and back in July, it was all
about just corruption.” - End quote

...Then, as time went
on—and, again, I can’t nail down the dates—then let’s get the Ukrainians to give a statement
about corruption. And then, no, corruption isn’t enough, we need to talk about the 2016 election
and the Burisma investigations. And it was always described to me as ongoing investigations
that had been stopped by the previous administration and they wanted them started up again...

What the hell is wrong with these people?

This is from the front page of a report entitled "Excerpts from Joint Deposition
Gordon Sondland
United States Ambassador to the European Union"

Sondland: “You know, this whole thing was sort of a continuum, starting at the May 23rd meeting, ending
up at the end of the line when the transcript of the call came out. And as I said to counsel, it
started as talk to Rudy, then others talk to Rudy. Corruption was mentioned....


I just realized what happened.

Trump knew that Turkey is supporting the Islamic State, so one of the many reasons he pulled our troops out of Syria and buttered up Erdogan was to get the Turks to lead us to Baghdadi.

This is Turkish MIT agents going up in smoke after we collected Baghdadi's corpse.

And like Pakistan, the Turks can't ever admit it happened.

Trump hoodwinked the Turks. No doubt about it.

Okay Now for Something Completely retarded

Be careful watching this could cause you to laugh

😆 😆 🤣 🤣 😂 😂

"Trump didn't want to go to war with Turkey, he knew he could bring Erdogan to heel . . . I've spent a week watching the usual suspects whine because he shuffled our troops out of harm's way so Erdogan could put his hand on the hot stove again"

God Bless you @drawandstrike , you're a pearl of great price.

Now I understand.

Like Hillary, he has Parkinson's disease, and they're overdosing him with Levodopa, which causes ocular dsykinesia--abnormal eye movements.

Levodopa and Parkinson's also cause dementia.

Step 1: Allow Erdogan to trip on his nuts.

Step 2: Get Europe and the Democrats to support a hard line towards numbnuts above.

Now we are approaching

Step 3: Drop an anvil on numbnuts.


"One does not become surer as one advances in knowledge, but less sure. No article of faith is proof against the disintegrating effects of increasing information; one might almost describe the acquirement of knowledge as a process of disillusion. But among the humbler ranks of men who make up the great bulk of every civilized people the increase of information is so slow and so arduous that this effect is scarcely to be discerned.


If the homeless loonie comes back to my house, I'm not calling the cops anymore.

Law of the jungle, baby.

I'll take care of it myself.

One of them recently was spotted trying to break into a home. (Don't shit where you eat, dude.) So, the encampment was recently abandoned.

Then last night, a group of neighbors decided to ransack the encampment, tore down the tarps, took anything they wanted and left the rest on the sidewalk. The cops were called. They drove by and shined their bright lights on the area for a second, then kept driving.

Ok cool, so it's left to us to keep our street clean. Now I know how it is.

I live in Southern California, on a residential street with one vacant plot of land. The vacant area was taken over by the city earlier this year. They bulldozed it, cut down a tree, then erected fences lined with tarps, but they left an opening, presumably for more bulldozers.

Then, the city abandoned the lot. Guess who moved in? Some homeless tweakers, who else?

Almost as if by design...

"Judicial Watch: Whenever you hear the word "impeachment," I want you to substitute another word -- "coup"!"

"Rep. Gaetz: Schiff and the radical democrats are now active participants in the coup"

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