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The best way I know how to share a YouTube link in a toot from your phone without it looking suspect:

From the YouTube app, click "Share", then "Copy link to clipboard".

Open a web browser and paste the link you copied into the address bar. Your link will resolve to a link. Copy the link from the address bar and paste into your toot. As long as your link is from or, you are good.

What you DON'T want is a link from "" .

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The story of my existence:

My grandfather was a B17 co-pilot in WWII. He flew 25 successful bombing missions over Germany before being shot down in August of 1944. The plane glided straight up with 4 engines on fire, then exploded. 2 KIA. 1 evadee. The other 6, including my grandfather, were captured as POWs in the Stalag Luft III (same place where "The Great Escape" occurred). After the war, he was freed by the 14th Armored Division and sent home to California to start a family.


For @macoman4u1


The first electric guitarist was named Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes.

He's on the right.

Gretchen at code of vets getting throttled by twitter. I don't see how jack sleeps at night. All the good things this lady does for vets. Shameful

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (KABC) -- A Caltrans construction sign with an unusual message was spotted over the weekend in Victorville.
Pictures of a sign on Palmdale Road that read "Trump 2020"

Alright, I'll repost my thread here. Not too much commentary to add on this, besides I waited for a few days for this to ripen before reacting to it because I was waiting to see what the play was and I was NOT disappointed.

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Ever heard of the Battle of Los Angeles?

At 2:25 a.m. February 25, 1942, the air-raid sirens went off, and every antiaircraft gun and coastal gun around Los Angeles opened fire first on a meteorological balloon and then on waves in the ocean.

They saw bombers, submarines, and landing craft.

All in their imaginations. The cannon and machine-gun rounds rained down on Los Angeles, hitting houses and cars.

We like going nuts.

13) To the dumbasses, the fearmongers, the concern trolls, the moralists and hand wringers, the absolutists and radicals and and anxiety stokers alike, I say only one thing.

South Korea says it has fired warning shots after Russian military planes entered South Korea’s airspace.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry says multiple Russian military planes violated the South Korean airspace off its east coast on Tuesday.

The ministry says South Korea launched fighter jets and that they fired warning shots.

It says Chinese military planes also intruded into South Korea’s aerial identification zone on Tuesday.

Seven Democratic senators now say they regret calling for Al Franken's resignation despite EIGHT allegations of groping and unwanted kissing

The New Yorker found seven current and former Franken colleagues who believe he was forced out following a rush to judgment; two of them are women

None of the regretful lawmakers disputes the allegations against Franken, but they wish the Senate Ethics Committee had investigated him, as he had asked


Franken once ran off a stage into the audience, threw a Republican down on the floor, and then belly flopped onto him.

He's a psycho.

When she walked away to get my order, I saw that she was wearing the tightest jeans I've ever seen.

She looked naked from the waist down.

And in front, nothing was left to the imagination. I may as well have been her gynecologist.

But her hair was chastely covered.


I'd sponsor someone to sue to wear Swedish traditional clothing at work and in the army.

We could stop this "diversity" crap once and for all.



Ilhan Omar's supporters are threatening to kill a Somali who revealed the truth about her.

And the leftist media is trying to help.

A Trump supporter says that he captured a 20-year-old woman vandalizing his Trump 2020 sign, but what really tipped off the cops to identify her was that she abandoned her car nearby.

George Bentley said that he had put up a barbed wire fence in order to protect the sign he erected for the president's re-election campaign.

The woman had driven through the fence and got stuck.

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My friend just told me a hilarious story about the day after Trump was elected.

She is Asian and was out with Asian friends taking photos in West Hollywood. A gay guy yelled at her, "HOW could you take PHOTOS at a time like THIS??"

They ignored him but she thought he was off his rocker. "So? Trump could be good."

Kuwait Airways B747 upper deck door escape slide operational test in slow motion.

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