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The best way I know how to share a YouTube link in a toot from your phone without it looking suspect:

From the YouTube app, click "Share", then "Copy link to clipboard".

Open a web browser and paste the link you copied into the address bar. Your link will resolve to a link. Copy the link from the address bar and paste into your toot. As long as your link is from or, you are good.

What you DON'T want is a link from "" .

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The story of my existence:

My grandfather was a B17 co-pilot in WWII. He flew 25 successful bombing missions over Germany before being shot down in August of 1944. The plane glided straight up with 4 engines on fire, then exploded. 2 KIA. 1 evadee. The other 6, including my grandfather, were captured as POWs in the Stalag Luft III (same place where "The Great Escape" occurred). After the war, he was freed by the 14th Armored Division and sent home to California to start a family.

Joe Biden’s latest video: campaign staff share “plastic memories” of meeting him

As grim as the latest news in @GenFlynn case may be, in the end he will prevail.

Not only does he have a world-class litigator in @SidneyPowell, he's also got the law on his side.

We're seeing the last dying throes of the 0bama criminal cabal here -- and they will soon be permanently defeated.


He is totally OC. DOJ needs to file an emergency petition with the DC Circuit STAT.

Trying not to be too reactive. It gets me in trouble sometimes. So I post here for your reaction. This doesn't look good to me, so far.

I just read Judge Sullivan's order in re. Amicus Briefs.

He's lost his marbles.

"NONE of the conditions apply, so I'll set a schedule."

The question of representation is moot and the work of the court is done.

Time for Sullivan to walk into the sunset.

This is insane.

Did Judge Sullivan keep the Flynn case open to admit Obama's recorded statement into evidence?

I don't know much about law. Just a thought.

Woo hoo!

Look who retweeted me Sunday!

Trump is boldly pushing the hashtag. That must mean a reckoning is ahead.

Brian Cates thread:

"I will have my vengeance.

It shall be terrible.

These people tried to take my country away from me.

For over 200 years we had orderly transfers of power.

What almost happened here was unprecedented.

Elites plotted to overturn an election because the 'wrong' person won.
All my life I have been an American. ..."

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