As a retiree living on fixed income, it is extremely important that I prioritize where my money is spent. It gives me a sense of satisfaction every month to send my regular contribution to Mr. Saul in support of SQV. Won't you help, too?

Good morning Quod Squad and Happy Sunday!

This is Knights of Columbus Corporate Mass Day for my Council and Ill be attending Mass together with my brother Knights. When there I'll be picking up the monthly schedule for lectors and altar servers to see when I'm assigned to do the readings. And I'll be praying for all of you and for our President, too. 🙏

Capping off my 4th of July by saying goodbye to Twatter. I think my online life will be healthier if I spend more time here and none there. So I've cancelled that account.

Flag in a gentle breeze off my front porch this afternoon, baseball on the radio, and OAN's coverage of President Trump's "Salute to America" coming soon. Bbq'd chicken, short ribs, and steak off the grill now settled in my stomach making room for grilled corn on the cob and potatoes. Really enjoying my 4th of July. Hope you're enjoying yours.

Time to play some music by Jo Stafford and read more about how terribly the folks in Manila were treated during the Battle of Manila.

On Thursday morning, taking instructions with my brother Fourth Degree Knights of the San Antonio Knights of Columbus Color Guard before posting the colors at the Alamo. Thanks to Sir Knight Rudy Tabbutt for the photograph.

So is San Antonio, TX part of the European Union now? While listening to this afternoon's Texas Rangers game I popped over to FB and found this comment censored due to the EU's anti-hate laws. What a crock! Facebook is such a wussyfied operation!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.