I am very appreciative of the influence SQV is having on me. News reportage and events of the day don't impact me nearly as strongly as they used to.

The habits of calm analysis I've picked up here over the past several months are carrying over to my life away from the Internet, too. And that's a good thing.

Many thanks to those who set up and run this joint, and to the great folks who hang out here. SQV truly is a very special place.


I started following @ThomasWic 2 1/2 years ago on Twitter... he had the same profound effect on my life, my view of national politics as well as the ME.

@MegasAlexandros @roscoeellis @ThomasWic I hadn't heard of Quod Verum until I learned about this Mastodon instance. The community here really helped me learn more about foreign policy and helped me identify some of the dumb scare tactics the media uses to rile people up.

1). Truth!
2). Well stated!
3). & personally, Couldn’t Agree More!

@roscoeellis me too.....that and watching coffee with Scott Adams every day.

@roscoeellis @ThomasWic I agree 100%. I used to worry and follow the wrong crowd. I only go to twitter to check Trump's account.

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