The full redacted SC report can be found here after 12:00 18 April.

(15) Guantanamo, and any other facility existing or to be built to hold this vermin until the cessation of hostilities or such time as they are tried and executed as the Geneva Convention clearly permits, is not only legal and humane, it is the ONLY reasonable option.

President Trump’s designation restored sanity to the discussion and gives me hope that the War on Islamic National Socialism has entered its final phase, and victory is, again, possible.

That is why it is so important.


(1) In the 30+ years that I have been studying Islamic National Socialism and their campaign against the West as a means of gaining power in the ME, I have had few periods of good news.

The apathy and outright incompetence in the response of West was perhaps the most frustrating aspect.

Only every Blue Moon did I see any any measure that lived up to the threat.

Lo and behold!

Norte Dame.

Alfonso X "El Sabio" (The Wise) of Castile wrote a suite of hymns to Mary.

Some of them are quite haunting.

This one is about Mary transforming the bottom of the ocean into solid land to save those who believe.

“I don’t think I know a single judge who has allowed religion to interfere with their jobs,” Thomas, himself a Roman Catholic, said at the Pepperdine banquet. “I think if you start the day on your knees, you approach your job differently from when you start thinking that someone anointed you to impose your will on others.”

The guardian reported that when asked about naming Afghan informants, here's what Assange said:

"Well, they're informants. So if they get killed, they've got it coming to them. They deserve it."

They deserve to get killed for helping the US fight the Taliban?

Do you see why this guy needs to rot in prison or be hanged?

"We should be thanking @IlhanMN for emboldening the Left to come out of the shadows and say what they really think.

They Hate America
They Hate Jews
They Hate Chistians
They Hate White People
They Hate Right wing Black People"
The list goes on...

Egypt has blocked oil tankers at the Suez Canal.
Tehran has been smuggling oil - reports indicate up to 2mn/month - to the Assad regime in Syria.
WSJ had reported the U.S. asking Egypt to prevent the passage of Iranian oil tankers through this important waterway.

I never offered Pardons to Homeland Security Officials, never ordered anyone to close our Southern Border (although I have the absolute right to do so, and may if Mexico does not apprehend the illegals coming to our Border), and am not “frustrated.” It is all Fake & Corrupt News!

Secondly, it's not 2010 anymore.

Trump is not Obama, and the Defense Intelligence Agency is not the CIA.

Cassandra says that the US is next.


The Pentagon changed its policy and now views cyberattacks as acts of war.

And if the cyberattacks are carried out by non-state actors, the Geneva Conventions don't apply.

Those are "unlawful combatants" who can be tracked down and killed without mercy.


Congress may have the legal right to know certain things, but it isn't RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH to have that information.

I approve of Pompeo not talking about it.

Congress needs to shape up before it can be trusted with responsibility.

Our own Saul MB just sent out a thread on the latest trash being dumped on Gen Flynn.

If you cut n paste this link into your twitter, facebook or gab acct, please remember to brag about Quodverum.

(32) What they cannot win by armies they try to win with propaganda. To weaken our resolve, as our internal enemies so successfully did in 2006, and to get us to abandon the fight we are in.

If we do, it will be the end of life as we know it: We have no choice but to win.



To quote my brother, "Wealth, fame, and power amplify the personality traits you already have."

Good people become better, and bad better become worse.

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