WATCH: Renowned Yale Prof Leaves Darwinism, Says Intelligent Design ‘Absolutely Serious’ Theory

Renowned writer and Yale University professor David Gelernter has turned away from Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, arguing that it has too many holes and has aged out as a probable scientific theory.

The professor also argued that intelligent design is a serious theory that cannot be shooed away by anti-religious sentiment.

"⚡️⚡️⚡️HOLY SHIT!⚡️⚡️⚡️

Admiral (Ret)
🦅🇺🇸🌅 "


Let's recap:

Just 100 Indian soldiers were able to defeat a massive armored assault by a full battalion.

They did the unexpected, they FOOLED the enemy, they improvised, and they REMAINED CALM.

I now know that it's too much to expect that Trump "supporters" remain calm, but every time you lose your head, think of Major Chandpuri and his men.

At least be ashamed.

Sometimes shame is good and necessary.


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I generally enjoy Candace, though sometimes her "passion," coupled with ignorance lead her to the deep end. In this case, she is way out of her league.

If you want to listen real voices of normal Muslims, start with someone like this.


Explain something to me, Doctor:

If Epstein was murdered, why did he have no defensive wounds?

Did he AGREE to be murdered?

Or did they SEDATE him? If so, why STRANGLE him? Why not inject him with succinylcholine? Nobody would think of looking for the compounds in an autopsy.

Stupidity is why the country turned to crap. We need to stop being stupid.


7. So yes.

It stings to be smeared by these FakeNews morons. It's tough to watch them go about their dirty work, with no apparent consequences.

Of course, there ARE consequences. When you shred your reputation, you can't get it back.

Today we got a taste of what Trump and his family endure, 24/7. It seemed that we were all personally attacked, didn't it?

We WERE. Why? Very simple, my friends.


And there's sweet FA FakeNews can do about it, either.

The end.

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& Trump is FORCING those voting Democrat to confront what they've created....

Hi Quod Verum friends!

Special show tonight with Saul Montes-Bradly @Debradelai

We lay out the setup, abuse and unraveling of the Federal Governments case against our Favorite General Flynn


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The fathers were mostly absent.

The GI Bill allowed more people to go to college than at any pervious time, so the fathers first went to school and then got white-collar jobs.

The dynamic was terrible: Everyone was in uncharted waters, so nobody knew what to do.

This video explains it all. Listen to how smart she is.

It was all a mess. People with agendas preyed on both sides.


Epic thread by Andy Ngo on the Antifa violence in Portland yesterday. Great videos.


I'm back to living one day at a time.

It's not a bad way to live.

And today I found ANOTHER epic missing piece that I put into my REAL memoir--the one I'm going to publish under a pseudonym.

I expect the book to be a hit.

If you listen to that inner voice, you will be rewarded, as hard as it seems at the time.

So I'm as optimistic as I ever was.


Interesting insights from J Bolton.
I would add that the assumption made in the Q & A about Trump's popularity in the UK is a false one, a MSM hoax. I'd put it around the same as Brexit, which is a majority favourable.

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