This is truly a sad day for the Democratic Party in the US.

Blocking a House resolution in support of the Iranian people reminds me of how Obama turned his back on us back in 2009.

We Iranians don't want the US to start a war against the regime. We hate war.

We just ask the world to stand along our side & not appease the mullahs.

Iran's regime dispatched the IRGC paramilitary Basij to attack college students tonight.

Like it or not, the ruthless mullahs were encouraged by the Democrats...

THAT is the power of capitalism. The story is the same if you look at health care, housing, transportation...

These things haven't gotten more expensive, they've gotten more available.

Sure the "value of a dollar" has gone down, but the POWER of a dollar has skyrocketed in previously unimaginable ways.

Socialists go on about the wage gap growing (largely an artifact of inflation) while ignoring the fact that even impoverished Americans have luxuries previous generations couldn't dream of.

Inflation may cause the base value of currency to go down, but innovation and invention constantly makes the actual purchasing power of money to go up.

In 1983, no one had the power to purchase a cell phone. In 1984 the first Motorola Dynatac was sold for $3995, almost 10 grand in 2019 terms.

If we reverse the inflation calculation, today's $19.99 prepaid flip phone would have cost $8.08 in 1984. That's a 99.8% reduction in cost.

There are two ways to end a war.

1. Turn tail and run and swallow defeat, or
2. Commit the resources you need to achieve victory.

It appears Democrats and pseudo-libertarians like Rand Paul only know of the former, while the President and any other sane person are in favor of the latter.

This is the entire thread by Cindy Otis showing all the "faked" images and video put out by Iran's Fars News Agency today to "document" their "attack" on us today.

Let's see if I understand this.

Iran announces it is withdrawing from a "deal" Trump denounced the moment he was sworn in and with which we wiped our arses with over a year ago and this is a problem?


What are they going to do now, recall their ambassador to the US?

Do raspberries in front of a Trump picture?

Stomp around the room and fart?

This is way too funny.

@Debradelai @Scarletteverb The right has idiots saying another civil war. The left has idiots saying WWIII.

I feel like it's a song. Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right.

Soleimani had no idea what was coming.

The mullahs, also.

They thought they were strong and in fact, they were weak.

Sun Tzu.

Suddenly, their best military guys are gone, their economy is screwed, they're surrounded by the US, Israeli and GCC/Saudi military.

Plus, their own population despises them.

They must be thinking 'we are totally screwed. How the hell did that happen?'

Donald J Trump, that's how.

We live in astonishing times.

The end.

When I was a kid in EAST TEXAS, nobody cared about race.

After Trump's second term, nobody will care about race.

This is an interim phase.

All the old ways are dead.

The sooner people simply admit to it, the better for all of us.

It's Trump against the world.

The world never had a chance.


Yet another attack on Jews in New York.

Expect the usual wailing.


Last week there were 8 EIGHT attacks on Jews in New York.

And the attackers were immediately released with no bail.

Any wailing? Nope. Just silence.

New York, thanks to the infinite idiocy of its Democrat ruling class is, in fact, inviting these attacks.

In the land of DiBlasio, Cuomo and Sharpton it's open season on the children of Abraham.

Walter E. Williams Warns Virginia About Gov. Ralph Northam’s Gun Registry Plan

“On December 27, 2019, Walter E. Williams used a Fox News op-ed to warn Virginians “not to fall for the registration trick.” He said, “Knowing who owns what weapons is the first step to confiscation.”

Twitter was caught today hiding several of President Trump’s tweets on his timeline.

Twitter was also caught today deleting THOUSANDS of likes from President Trump’s tweets on Pelosi.

And Twitter was also caught removing accounts after President Trump tweeted them!

What the Democrats have done is a threat to the entire governance of the republic.

And you're thinking in terms of lawyers asking a couple of questions, and then the Senate voting.

How would that address the threat of the total collapse of the system itself?

Trump has to provide a solution. If not, the Democrats will impeach him and Pence again and again and again.

What's the only solution?

The death of the Democratic party.

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Want to be furious?

General Flynn is innocent and had to sell his home to pay his legal fees.

James Comey is guilty and is on TV lying and making money writing books and doing speeches.

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