“We’re going to win so much that you’re going to be sick and tired. You’re going to say, ‘Please, please, Mr. President, we’re sick and tired of winning. Please let us have at least one loss. It’s no longer exciting to win.’ And I’m going to say, ‘No way, we’re going to keep winning, and I don’t care if you like it or not.’”

POTUS, 2016.

The Democrats are screwed. They know it.

They've never seen anyone like Trump.

We live in glorious times.


That's what we are witnessing, folks.

Once Saudi signs on, Iran is totally isolated.

The mullahs are screwed.

Trump isn't just reinventing the Mid East.

He is reinventing reality itself.


James Woods
Prior to 1983, social security was not taxable. Joe Biden voted successfully in favor of taxing 50% of social security. In 1993, Joe Biden was the deciding vote in raising taxes on social security from 50% to 85%. Now he wants to tax our 401k's and IRA's (page 78, Dems' platform)

@LawrenceRoberts @HunDriverWidow

as we said from the beginning. this thing (Covid) is less of a threat than the seasonal flu.

and it's time to open this nation back up. completely and with great purpose.

It will start as a drip then become a steady stream....

Many parents are going to turn to homeschooling and charter schools... as they take a good look at public school educational failures in this nation.

This is a good thing.

Catturd ™

Let’s compare spoken languages.

2:57 PM · Aug 26, 2020

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies."

— Groucho Marx

This is a really good primer on the and the Left's decades-long war against the descendants of the American Revolution.

Please share my video tribute to this brilliant thread, if you can:


Perhaps the best Beard Blather yet.

If your schedule, like mine, inhibits your opportunity to catch the many fine QuodVerum videos when they're broadcast live. By all means, try to catch them archived. Nowhere else on the Internet can you find such honest, in depth, and accurate discussion of important issues and events.

Elizabeth Harrington

After what happened in Paterson -- 20% of ballots thrown out, ballots stolen out of mailboxes, dead people voting -- what Democrats are doing in NJ is FRAUD

They know it will be a disaster
They know it will weaken confidence. But they're doing it anyway


Aaaaaaaaaand after 45 minutes of re-configuring my email aggregator, tweaking my YouTube subscriptions, creating a brand new Gmail account, and other associated frustrations ... I'm proud to report I've joined QVTV.

During President Trump's next 4 yrs in office, fumigating & sanitizing the Marxist Liberalism brainwashing & propaganda out of the public schools in the USA must become a priority!

Shipment of nearly 20 thousand fake U.S. driver’s licenses from China were just confiscated at Chicago airport

This smells like big time election interference to me...


He's written 4 threads so far on the Lebanon explosion.

The last 2 tweets of thread #4 sum it up perfectly.

"The destruction of the Iranian missile depot was necessary.

Superhuman efforts were made to spare civilians.

The Lebanese cover story is a transparent lie, but Lebanon is under the thumb of Hezbollah and Iran.

What you should be thinking about is THIS:

Another goddam war avoided.

Many MANY thousands of lives saved.

And THAT is a good thing.



Duane Cates thread:


Thread: FIRST, DO NO HARM...
Hydroxychloroquine + Z-Pak is being touted by THOUSANDS of "Frontline" Doctors in President Trump's War on as a viable therapy & even a possible CURE, yet there is now a drive to censor those Doctors underway by the MSM & Social Media.

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