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Cancel culture is a myth invented by fascists.

If you see anyone disagreeing with this statement, please send me their name, twitter handle, address and employment details.

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Good read. It will remind Californians of even more reasons to hate Newsom.


Why A Newsom Recall Could Succeed

Californians may yet defy the skeptics, and confound the professionals. They may send this embodiment of Democratic Party dysfunction to an early retirement.

Interesting explanation that clears up misconceptions of Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment.

What Are We Getting Wrong About Schrodinger's Cat?

Ethan Siegel


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Tony Heller...

The "surge" in Arizona deaths this year has been a little above average, but not close to the peaks of the 2018 flu epidemic. Why didn't Democrats get hysterical and shut down the state in 2018?

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Conceal/Carry experts: Is this rule true in your state, or is it only in California? If so, it's evil.


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From Common Sense Soapbox
Meet Clair Hall, formally known as Bill Hall. This is the commissioner in Lincoln county, Oregon who mandated that face masks are required, but only if you’re white.

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The full report is here: floridadisaster.org/globalasse. The point is that not all hospitalizations are the same.
If you're 85 and you've been hospitalized with ,
the risk of death is 61%.

If you're 35-44, (and you've been hospitalized) the risk is 5%.

If you're 25-34, (and you've been hospitalized the risk is) 2%.

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This is what WEAK leadership looks like! The Police should be there arresting these idiots.

"Forced To Retreat" 😂 More Like Weak Leaders Ran With Their Tail Between Their Legs.

City of Seattle work crews were forced to retreat from CHAZ when they were blocked by protesters laying in the street.

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@robbakas allow my digression here, but the Left will never allow cheap, nearly limitless energy to happen. They project on the energy companies, but if we ever achieved safe fusion, they'd lose their Green Revolution gravy train.

They'd be campaigning to wipe out fusion a week after it's perfected.

I love reading about more fusion discoveries tho. Being free from the Green Reds and the Middle East in my lifetime is a dream of mine.

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: A federal judge in NY has ruled that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have violated the Constitution by discriminating against religious groups, striking down lockdown orders that prevented outdoor and indoor religious activities.


Interesting piece about solar nuclear fusion.

Neutrinos reveal final secret of Sun’s nuclear fusion

Detection of particles produced by the Sun’s core supports long-held theory


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Someone has broken their silence! General Flynn and @SidneyPowell join Sean Hannity on his radio show!

Watch "General Flynn With Sean Hannity: I Don't Have Time For Hate In My Heart."


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In just ONE WEEK, our new national legislature has both amended the Civil Rights Act AND passed an Immigration Reform bill. With veto-proof majorities! It’s time to retire the old-fashioned Article 1 Congress. They don’t legislate much anyway & elections are a SUCH a pain.

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Executive summary of how the Declaration of Independence was formed.

Drafting the Declaration of Independence


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@Dawnz @Debradelai


LT GEN R Michael Thomas Flynn
@GenFlynn is the first 3 star General in American History who is/was a political prisoner for the country he served with honor and distinction... let that sink in


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