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Amazingly, Facebook and @andymstone -- having interfered in our elections by suppressing a story that the CIA, the Intercept and other media outlets lied about by claiming it was Russia disinformation -- now refuses to answer questions about the outcome of that "fact-check." 👇

~ Glenn Greenwald 🐦



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@REX NY Times propaganda style:

Jill Biden, part time community college teacher who holds zero doctoral degrees: DR. BIDEN

Rand Paul, United States Senator & an actual doctor: Mr. Paul

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One of the better takes regarding Sussman's choices ahead. Unfortunatley reads fairly true.

Mark Winters

Replying to

Sussman’s choice is to keep his mouth shut and go to trial, where his legal bills will be paid by HRC/DNC dark money.

If trial is in DC/VA/MD, he won’t be convicted anyway. He flips, he pays his own legal tab, and is unemployable with 90% of law firms.

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@YoungBlood @Debradelai

A lot of Catholic church leaders are socialists, of the Liberation Theology variety. Just like the current pope, Pope Globalist.

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I hold much respect for King Constitution, while also acknowledging the coronation was performed by Archbishop Declaration of Independence 😄

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@ChuckRossDC: "FLASHBACK: Christopher Steele testified that he began investigating Alfa Bank at the behest of Michael Sussmann following a meeting they had at Perkins Coie on July 29, 2016. Steele tasked his source, Danchenko, to find anything on Alfa. "


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@robbakas @retdoc He quotes Fauci as saying: "The one thing that paper from Israel didn't tell you is whether or not as high as the protection is with natural infection, what's the durability compared to the durability of a vaccine?" If the vaccine durability means boosters every 4-5 months, and natural immunity seems to be 9-18 months or longer (depending on whom you talk to), that sounds like the protection from natural immunity may be better. SARS-CoV-1 immunity lasted for 17 years....🤷

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Interesting piece by @retdoc found at American Thinker.

Why is COVID Natural Immunity Being Ignored?
By Brian C.Joondeph, MD

"We have good evidence that natural immunity is long lasting, decades or more, and that vaccine immunity is short lived, months at best, hence the talk of booster shots before the vaccine has even been in use for year".

Emily Zanotti

Hey, guys? Those flights at Mazar-I-Sharif? They never took off.

Those Americans/allies are still in Afghanistan and the State Dept says it’s “pulled all the levers” and the Taliban isn’t budging. The Americans can’t leave.

I’ve stayed on this story. It’s not going away.

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So I read through the indictment, here are some of my speculations thus far:

Tech executive-1:



Researcher-1/2: David Dagon


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Hi, Quod. I survived the fast and the lack of internet. I feel renewed and ready to face the world. In spite of the bad press, the 10 days of awe including Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur are amazing, and in my mature years, despite (or maybe because of the fast) Yom Kippur is quickly becoming my favorite holiday.

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I'm going to sit back and wait on this one. After Clinesmith, I don't trust this will be nothing more than a big fish that gets thrown back.

Good summary of Sussman indictment by Chuck Ross.

Chuck Ross
The FBI opened an investigation of Alfa Bank based on the info that Michael Sussmann gave to James Baker, even though Sussmann knew the info was bogus. As Durham notes, the FBI wasted its time and resources chasing that false lead

Good piece from Carlson and Mahncke at The Epoch Times.

WHO Failed to Investigate Deleted Virology Database and Evidence Indicating Earlier Start of Pandemic

..."But the team failed to request an examination of the database of viruses collected, maintained, and later deleted by the WIV".

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