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The 2nd point is even better:

"A Conspiracy To Violate FARA Need Not Be Proved To Establish a FARA Violation"

Then they add:

"Additionally, defendant’s proposed instruction 54A further requests the Court to instruct the jury that “in order to find that the Defendant conspired to violate Section 951 for Count 1, the government must also prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Defendant conspired to violate FARA.”

Imagine that! To prove the defendant conspired you need to prove conspiracy!

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Where's the outrage
for harm done to .@GenFlynn
who got framed in the biggest scandal to hit the USA???
History won't be kind to Hillary
for her ineptitude & greed
as Deep State operatives are busted & dumped like jilted lovers.

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I am curious why you are posting and popularizing anti-Trump sentiment?

Asking for a friend...

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She and her supporters are all mentally ill.... it’s akin to mass hysteria.

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Rep Nadler's remark presents very substantial evidence that he is guilty of being a fool.

"The Mueller report presents very substantial evidence"..

Sure it does Jerry.

Kyle Griffin
‏Verified account @kylegriffin1
4h4 hours ago

Rep. Jerry Nadler: "The [Mueller] report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors."

Oh ffs!

Hillary Clinton is introduced in Atlanta at the SCLC conference as “my president.” She laughs: “From your lips to God’s ears.”
— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) July 19, 2019

The irony is rich with this tweet from the Hag of Chappaqua.
If there is to be any justice found, holding this drunken slag accountable for corruption will be just the start.

Hillary Clinton
‏Verified account @HillaryClinton

I stand with the people of Puerto Rico as they protest the corruption and disgraceful behavior of their government. Like all Americans, they have the fundamental right—and duty—to hold their leaders to account.

From the pile of tweets that did not age well comes this gem.

Jackie Speier is just another lunatic Dem representative plaguing California.

Jackie Speier
Verified account @RepSpeier
27 Nov 2018

It's hard to understand the sheer audacity required for someone to cut a deal to be fulsome in their testimony and to tell the truth, and then continue to lie. The Special Counsel isn't a sucker and justice isn't blind in this case.

Jackie Speier
‏Verified account @RepSpeier

Manafort met with Assange while working for Trump in 2016, MONTHS before the first Wikileaks release of DNC emails. If it looks like collusion, meets like collusion, and acts like collusion, then it probably is collusion.
9:11 AM - 27 Nov 2018

Guy Verhoftwat (Parody)
‏ @GuyVerhoftwat

The UK is threatened by Iran. It's a good job they are still in the EU. Just look at how all the other EU members have come to their aid.
3:32 AM - 20 Jul 2019

Wrightly Willowleaf
‏ @wrightleaf

Ventured outside Brooklyn to a country farm stand & when I expressed skepticism that the arugula was organic & craft-harvest-certified the (white & male)farmer yelled, “GO BACK TO WHIMSYBURG WHERE YOU BELONG”. This is the consequence of having a president who foments HATE daily

8:21 AM - 21 Jul 2019

More ground breaking, hard hitting analysis from the WaPo.

The Washington Post
‏Verified account @washingtonpost

Analysis: Someday, a turtle may end up with a Trump-branded straw in its nose. Here’s why.

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This thread is gold.

"This is very strange if you think about it

In the '40s-'60s, these people were promising us flying cars, moon colonies, etc

Now their ideology is promising us that toilet paper is destroying the planet + we must use our bare hands to gouge the cricket chitin out of our rectums"

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Techno Fog
‏ @Techno_Fog
4h4 hours ago

Finally - there is confirmation that the defense will not be calling General Flynn as a witness.

"The defense does not intend to call Mr. Flynn as a witness"

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