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CNN Sunday & Monday: Trump is a raaaycist!
CNN Tuesday: Let's put on Richard Spencer!


CNN is bringing Richard Spencer on as a pundit? A new low for MSM.
(I know this won't surprise anyone here.)

Oh, and this creep is still on Twitter.

Stupid is as stupid does.



Lib family member: I love AOC's 'clapback', she's a spicy latina

Me: (innocently) ah you like... have you heard of

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@oystergirl @Watcher9

Yep! Free speech

- is not the right to shout 'fire' when there's none in a crowded theater

- is not the right to show up with a bullhorn on my lawn at 3am.

- does not automatically owe you a slot on the evening news, or a college campus.

- does not oblige me to give racism moments of my valuable time.

1st Amendment is a key element of our fundamental freedoms and Gabsters/their ilk abuse that.

@Watcher9 @oystergirl
Gab appears to be

1. Breaking the open source features we all know and love on Quodverum (number of followers count, etc.) Something to hide, boys?

2. Begging people to fund their 'instance' which is free open source software. Newbies can join for free on any of the general purpose instances which aren't broken. Um, why give money to them again?

Gab is a few thousand angry people with a few hundred actually active. Let them be hoist by their own petard.

Article on Gab's migration to Mastodon


I've looked at founder Eugen's account; he thinks that they have very few active users.

Lib family member: I don't trust the MSM

Me: Yes, good

Lib family member: Epstein is awful

Me: Yes, yes

Lib family member: shows a lot of the institutional rot

Me: Yes, good, yes

Lib family member: partied with all the bigwigs

Me: go on, yes

Lib family member: he knew Trump, they're both rich, all rich people are bad, they must be in cahoots

Me: argh 😞

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BOOM : they get a T1 FISA on Gen Flynn.

Same slimeballs as always are behind it, in particular David Laufman, who to me seems a total crook.

Appalling, disgusting, criminal behavior. Shameful.

I thoroughly despise Obama and his corrupt circle of losers, degenerates, sycophants and crooks. Jail them all.

Throw away the damned key.

And let's have some justice at last, for General Flynn!

More here:


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@mariel @ThomasWic

Going through twatter and reading those idiots talking how Trump is going to pardon Epstein.... 🤦

What they fail to realize, if Epstein had ANYTHING on Trump, Clinton would have used it during the elections.... They really dont use their brains do they???

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Mastodon was already designed to block other instances if desired.

And the fact Torba was trying to use Mr. Wictor as an ad for the gab instance is a form of gluttony.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.