@EngOnDemand Doonesbury's the libbest of the libs, but I'll co-sign this one.

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Deustche Bank, the preferred bank for money launderers. It's pretty obvious their reputation is soiled very badly.


They need to be hammered some more. This particular case of dubiously hiring relatives of politicians to win contracts in violation of anti bribery laws.

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Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, 66, kills himself in his Manhattan jail cell, 24 hours after files in his case were unsealed and two weeks after he was placed on suicide watch ahead of his sex trafficking trial dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7

Seriously, suicide watch? Who watched, Bill and Hillary?

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@2020_DJT @drawandstrike

Everyone's talking about some 61-year-old who the cops killed as they tried to take his guns under a red-flag law.

Well, obviously the guy WAS a danger, wasn't he?

He opened fire on the police. That makes him a criminal.

Now gun owners are defending criminals?

When the cops came to MY house to evaluate me, I didn't OPEN FIRE on them.

How hard is it to NOT shoot at cops? Am I asking too much of my fellow gun owners?

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That's like a bad joke.

Mexicans complaining about gun violence is like Russians complaining about vodka.

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@Torchbearer Thanks, Jack. I was just writing my appeal to twatter asking them to lift my suspension, (because I thought I missed all the retweets and likes), and realized I haven't wanted to throw my phone for a couple days now. I'm calmer, while still being able to read the important stuff from twatter because of how much it gets tooted here.

It's like a filter, and I'm getting better for it. Now, if I could just keep my size 14W foot outa my mouth....


I would rather have Farage running the UK, but Boris is a step in the right direction.

@ThomasWic Indonesia: college age girls wearing hijab and the tightest jeans ever. Possibly cutting off circulation.

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my lil’ judge is in his chambers right now, “deliberating”.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.