Lib family member: I love AOC's 'clapback', she's a spicy latina

Me: (innocently) ah you like... have you heard of

Elizabeth Warren has a Twipper account for her golden retriever Bailey and also a text alert.

Me: She's a socialist, this is disturbing, they fight dirty by tugging on my heart strings

Me: That golden retriever though

Me: ahhh, elect the golden retriever INSTEAD, it'll have better policies than any Dem 😎

The term 'Nazi' sure is getting thrown around a lot by the left.

A masterful thread today by Saul on 'QAnon'. Great detail. Please read it all.

I have great frustration with Q conspiracy theories. (I used to be amused by them as FICTION. But this is too close to home these days.)

There's plenty of *real* issues to address right in front of us.

"Oh Q, not you again, you pest"

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.