1. Under Obama, the Chinese dictatorship made hay.

There's a good chance they had an insider at the highest level - Gary Locke.

Check this out from 2016.


2. Here's 'Gary' BTW.

Obama made him the US Secretary of Commerce 2009-11 and then Ambassador to China 2011-2014.

O-K then.


3. 'Gary' had a history of highly questionable activity that would nix any Trump nominee.

How he was appointed to such a role is astonishing. But maybe it wasn't.

Under Obama, corruption was rampant, so nothing mattered.


4. Surprise, surprise.

'Gary' (who looks a bit worn out these days) LOVES Joe Biden. Quote:

'He is now the seventh Obama Cabinet member to endorse Biden, according to the former vice president’s campaign.'

Too funny.


5. Surprise, surprise.

'Gary' - or whoever he is- appears to be up to his neck with the Biden family in their Chinese business. Quote:

'Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden and Finnegan arrived to a red carpet and a delegation of Chinese officials. Greeted by Chinese children carrying flowers, the delegation was then whisked to a meeting with Vice President Li Yuanchao and talks with President Xi Jinping./....


6. /....

'Hunter and Finnegan Biden joined the vice president for tea with US Ambassador Gary Locke at the Liu Xian Guan Teahouse in the Dongcheng District in Beijing.'

Good Lord.

We are all outraged at what Obama did to America.

Trump knows it all. Just a few days ago, he tweeted that the Obama admin was the most corrupt in history.

Trump must act. And he will.

But it's clear that even he is horrified at what has been discovered.

7. Sun Tzu - destroying your enemy is no good if you also destroy the kingdom.

This is a fight against very malign, evil forces. Bringing them down is. No simple thing.

My view is that Trump knows many supporters will sit out the election if he doesn't drop the hammer soon.

Also, I am certain he wants REVENGE against what these utter pricks tried to do to him and his family.


8. But it must be done right.

Trump gets one shot and it will have to be an almighty blow.

Remember, Trump only plays to WIN.

Take heart from that, patriots.

The end.



And this is an ideal time to do it.

Country is basically shut down. Separated. In quarantine.

Low potential for civil unrest if arrests are made. Particularly high profile arrests.

Ideal time to unleash The Storm.

@retdoc @REX
I know many on QV are not Q believers/followers, but...... if you want to address timing for "the storm," Q marked 10 Apr 20 as a critical day -- nearly two months ago. Agreed w/Rex -- POTUS knows it all, is motivated to use it, has a plan, has been getting all in place for his entire time in office.

@HardCharger25 @REX

The Storm will happen. Not sure if on that date or when exactly.

But it must. Everything Trump has been saying since the campaign must lead to such a moment.

I view it as inevitable. Only question is how and when. But it will be for maximum effect.

Such a reckoning is necessary and is part of Trump's DNA.

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