More testing means more cases

How many are sick versus simply test positive?

Is the surge timed to suppress in-person voting?

My article today in American Thinker

Are Recent Reports of COVID Surges an Attempt to Suppress In-Person Voting?

QAnon is the latest media obsession. What's it all about?

Is it a hoax? Is it real?

I take a deep dive into Q in my American Thinker article today.

QAnon:The Media's Latest Obsession

Are the polls right? Despite flying in the face of everything observable.
Or are they a set up for post election chaos?
My article today in American Thinker.

Are the FakeNews Polls a Setup for Post-Election Chaos?

What if there were no polls?
Would Biden still be winning in a double digit landslide?
What do all other indicators say?
My article for Rasmussen Reports

Without Polls, Would Biden Still Be Winning in a Landslide?

This story stinks and reminds me of the Antifa hit in Portland on a Trump supporter. This one in Denver has local media 9News fingerprints on it.

If anyone has the ear of Carlos Osweda on Twitter, this would great for him to analyze as he did with the Portland shooting.

Positive tests are not necessarily positive cases.
Yet the two are being equated, creating fear and hysteria.
My article in American Thinker.

Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?

Opinion polls say one thing
Daily observations say another
Which is right?
My American Thinker article

Presidential Opinion Polls – Déjà vu All Over Again?

Are the political polls telling the entire story?
What can't they measure?
Will it be a repeat of 2016?
My column in Rasmussen Reports

Presidential Opinion Polls – The Measured vs. The Observed

The President is in the hospital

Is he really sick or are there other prudent reasons for him to be there?

My early take on this in American Thinker

Why Is President Trump in the Hospital?

My post debate analysis in American Thinker

It was a wild debate but Trump did what he needed to do. Here's why...

Trump accomplished what he needed in the first debate

Is COVID now a "casedemic"?
How are cases being counted? What does a positive case mean?
Is it still about the virus or other factors?
My American Thinker article.

It’s a COVID Casedemic, not a Pandemic

NeverTrumpers will find themselves on the wrong side of the upcoming election
Just as they did last time
Soon becoming totally irrelevant
My article in American Thinker

NeverTrumpers Unhinged Over Their Growing Irrelevance

The polls are shifting in Trump's direction

Other factors are unfolding in his favor as well

My latest article in Rasmussen Reports explains

Beyond the Polls, Trump is Sitting Pretty

Who is Carter Page and how did he allow the Obama deep state to get full access to Trump and his campaign and then his administration?

My American Thinker article.

Carter Page’s Camel Nose Under the Trump Tent

Two potential COVID therapeutics

Both have been around a long time, one safer than the other

Reaction by Big Medicine and media far different. Why?

My American Thinker article.

A Tale of Two COVID Treatments

When they act like it's a crisis, I'll believe it's a crisis

How the Democrats are acting toward COVID shows they know more than they are letting on

My American Thinker article today

Are Democrats Hiding the Truth about COVID?

Democrats pushing mandates don't follow the rules themselves.

Why not? They feel quite safe not following their own rules.

Do they know something we don't know?

My article in Rasmussen Reports.

When Democrats Act Like COVID Is A Crisis, I’ll Believe It’s A Crisis

So much we have been told about COVID has turned out to be wrong
Incompetence or deliberate? Public health or an upcoming election?
Have we been conned?
My American Thinker article today.

The Big COVID Con Exposed

After a long battle, the Republican Party now belongs to Donald Trump

NeverTrumpers are on the outside looking in

It's a big club and they are no longer in it

My American Thinker article today

It's Trump's Republican Party Now

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