Too bad the people making this decision (i.e., the Senate) don't think the same...

As @Debradelai said, I don't see Biden getting impeached (and convicted), since less people want Kamala as POTUS than him...

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Yep, don't see him getting removed. He will serve out his full term. It will be interesting to see how riled up the electorate is against the Democrats in 2024.

Of course you gotta watch out for saboteurs like Loomer.


Yes, if he makes it physically till the end.

With his health state, I won't be surprised if he joins the curse of the US presidents elected (say) on a year which is a multiple of 20 (Harrison, Garfield, Taylor, Lincoln, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt, Kennedy)...

See also @BirdDog's comment, which is accurate (as long as Lin Wood type cretins aren't allowed to influence conservative voting).

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The Darth Vader image above was funny, but more realistically, they'll keep Biden alive as long as possible, just like they did with Dick Clark, to the point where he was barely intelligible and moved like an animatronic Disney ride puppet.

All things considered, agreed that an impeachment won't happen nor will they do anything to Harris, as they need her in the Senate to break tie votes.

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