We are a truly stupid people.

The Pensacola terrorist did what he did in order to turn Americans against Saudi Arabia.

And Americans are falling right into the trap.

Guess how long we've been training Saudis at Pensacola?

Forty-six years.

It's pretty amazing.

People oppose it when all gun owners are blamed for mass shootings, but those very same folks are now blaming all Saudis.

This is one of those cases where I find it hard to muster the energy to state the obvious.

The reason we train the here is so that we have interoperability.

We NEED interoperability.

"Don't train them here!"

So you're saying our trainers will be safer if we send them to Saudi Arabia.


Americans hate it when they're stereotyped, but too many of us go right ahead and do it themselves.

It's why I've been off social media today.

I really hate stupidity.

We're in a frenzy of stupidity at the moment. It's not too late for us to screw up everything Trump has accomplished.

The Republicans keep trying to get back to the label of the Stupid Party.

The world is full of terrorists.

It's the job of the US military to weed them out of our various programs.

If we take our own failure out on the entire country of Saudi Arabia, I hope they finally decide that we're too childish to retain as allies.

The problem is US. We've been sliding for decades. We're STILL sliding.

Americans need to get their act together.

The stakes can't be any higher than they are.

Saudi Arabia bought a shitload of American weaponry so that American workers can have jobs.

It was a favor to Trump. We can easily make them decide that we're not worthy of favors, since we can't get our heads on straight about this stuff.

In 46 years, one terrorist attack at Pensacola.

Two Americans murdered naval personnel in two separate on-base incidents in the past three days.

"Why are we allowing Americans on our military bases?"

Good point. Obviously Americans can't be trusted on our military bases.

We really need to stop this dumbassery.

It's disgusting, to be frank.


I'm so not surprised that people are stupidly blaming the Saudis. 👎

A knee jerk reaction from these buffoons. 🙄

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic

maybe I’m jaded but i expect stupidity (almost always) if it involves a mass of people anywhere. and In most cases I expect the dumbest take to be the most popular.

I don’t like to set myself up for disappointment... so low expectations for the win.

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