Check out @Steeltruth episode on foster care system abuse. Must watch.

Foster care system is a leading source of kids that get trafficked.


Listened to this great show! Big moves are required to fix such a large broken system!


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Definitely a must watch. It is one of the government abuses that people will pay attention to. They will look past partisan politics over this issue.


True. Taking children from a home, even though there may be dysfunction, placing them into a foster home which typically has no love for other's children isn't a solution.


@JM @redwhitebluedude @Steeltruth well, foster care is the main way older children, siblings and the disabled get homes. And, I'd be inclined to say look at the problems with the indian child welfare act.. it's led to the same scenario, where in lieu of foster care they look for distant relatives that arguably have no love for the child either and many these children end up back in contact with their abusers, experience new abuse or become indentured servants. .

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Indian reservations from what I have heard are a train wreck in every way imaginable.

@redwhitebluedude @JM @Steeltruth they are but I'm more familiar with two bands that don't have a reservation yet still have all the problems of them.


I was speaking from experience, sure some are fine -- many are not!

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@JM @redwhitebluedude @Steeltruth it's the catch 22, I know. The system is geared in favor of the check collectors vs the families that genuinely want to foster or adopt. which sends more people looking outside the U.S. because the system is so broken in the U.S. - the system's questions are designed to vet out the wrong people -- such as having preference or limitations in who they'll foster or not

on the other side, I'm reminded of a thai insurance commercial:

@stringtags That is beautiful and rings so true. Thank you for sharing!

@stringtags @JM @redwhitebluedude

Saul Montes-Bradley asked me about orphanages and what happened to them. Many successful kids came from those. Today they are mostly gone like mental asylums. And where are the insane now? On the streets. Nothing is perfect in this world, but making an industry out of CPS with gov't funds is Not the answer.

@JM @redwhitebluedude AGreed. Sadly we have been forced by high taxes and strangling regulations to break up the nuclear family. Both parents having to work to feed, cloth, house and let the govt educate our kids has strained all involved. Getting back to a nuclear family is key with locally run education including CIVICS!


Absolutely! I will add, the courts need to support all the fathers that are alienated by an vindictive ex by taking more action. Children need both their parents, even if divorced.


@redwhitebluedude @JM Yes, and anyone in govt who does not put children first over politics will be and is a monster.

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