A disproportionate number of kids who get sex trafficked come from the foster care system.

That's 60% of the sex trafficked kids.

@redwhitebluedude I was just discussing with my wife- where do perverts like Epstein get all these young girls? Where are the parents? The only thing I can figure is the parents received large amounts of money. I don't think there would be a need for an Epstein trial if some of my offspring were involved.

@TimToolMan @redwhitebluedude

Many are kidnapped and trafficked through cartels and NGOs. Some are runaways and yes some are rented or sold by their parents.

@LesPaul @TimToolMan @redwhitebluedude in the case of the latter, one predominate group that is frequently cited and yet glossed over is indigenuous groups, particularly those with sovereign governments within existing democracies ... a trend that isn't isolated by nation but rather countries that share similar policies. it's been a long standing issue and yet so taboo to ever mention among either the right or the left & mired by initiatives to keep indigenous children in indingeous communities

@LesPaul @TimToolMan @redwhitebluedude while denying the corruption of many of these tribal govts and large scale social problems in these communities that have yet to improve since their earliest formation.

@TimToolMan @redwhitebluedude
a number of the girls stated they came from unstable or single parent poor households and with peer pressure or a desire for attention they fell prey to the lure of easy money.

@redwhitebluedude From the Nat'l Ctr for Missing & Exploited Children:
Involvement in gangs or child sex trafficking: In 2016, 11% of endangered runaways reported to NCMEC were believed to be involved in gangs, with an additional 18% of children likely victims of child sex trafficking.

@redwhitebluedude that's what happens when you grow up not knowing what love is. So when they get shown attention from these monsters they confuse it for love. Biggest problem we face is the breakdown of the fabric of society.

@WarriorPoet @redwhitebluedude the problem has always existed, what we face now is merely a larger population... I wouldn't be quite so dramatic to say it's the breakdown of the fabric of society but rather the greater isolation we have and the loss of the 'local' community instead we've been driven to develop national or even international group identities that disavow the needs of said communities which are primarily individual to the localized regions they exist within...

@WarriorPoet @redwhitebluedude this is a byproduct of what has happened with the nature of politics and government... people are better served by gradually building their communities up but in order to build such communities up we're often dependent upon the federal... the federal which dictates the why, where and how we receive funding... it's perhaps easier in this scenario to look at it and us as competing NGOs. . . the nature of limited resources, the abysmal realities of higher education

@WarriorPoet @redwhitebluedude and a significant lack of pragmatic officials... but pragmatism doesn't win votes either from the people or other politicians, lobbyists, etc. Superficially, I'd recommend archaic PSAs but they'll be protested from every direction and the realities remain that its actual intended audience won't be apt to listen for purely biological reasons. . . which no amount of eco friendly bubblewrap or promise rings nor laws will protect them from.

@WarriorPoet @redwhitebluedude one size fits all bandaids is the only way we can tackle the issue head-on.. we could look at the larger picture, however much of it will distract on ephemeral social issues rather than the tangible realities at hand. Personally, I'd rather fiddle while rome burns... or drag out Tina Tuner instead of Sally Struthers. If only Ms Turner didn't attempt to play to my sympathies, which end of the day, I likely have none.

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