Looked at yesterday's NY Slimes at our library. I sometimes (rarely) find the science section interesting

ICYMI, some elephants in India are eating too much plastic.

Received this text yesterday. 🙄

We haven't lived or worked in NYC or state for at least 30 years, but that's besides the point.

Thank you to all who made offers, said prayers, and gave suggestions about baby formula for our grandson. What a wonderful group you are! ❤️

My husband was able to find ONE CAN of formula early this morning, the last one on the shelf, at a CVS in the next town. Fortunately, it's a large size.

Our 5-month-old grandson, Joshua (aka "Joshy").

None of us ever dreamt we'd be searching for baby formula!

I can’t let Holocaust Remembrance Day pass without mention.

My Viennese grandmother’s youngest brother, Nathan, committed suicide in Jan 1942, after his name appeared on a deportation list. His beloved wife, Helene, who’d converted to Judaism for him, did the same 6 months later.

This was after they’d gotten their two teenage sons safely onto a boat to the US.

2 professional singers.

Just one family story of many.

Nathan & Helene Grossmann — not forgotten!

In case of interest from the bird — translated from Hebrew to English, message from Israeli reporter, Ben-Dror Yemeni:

Words of wisdom 🙄 from this year’s CPAC “Special Guest” Friday night speaker —

My husband and I went to the supermarket this morning and everyone except us was wearing a mask. A woman actually tsk, tsked as she walked by me.

Very strange at this point in time.

It was like this —

The pitfall of holding a newborn VERY LONG after feeding is when you then get together with friends and they advise you there’s spit up all over the front of your sweater. 🤪😂

Happy 8th night of Chanukah, Quods. ❤️

This was my parents’ menorah and is at least 75 years old with a music box that still works, playing the Israeli national anthem, “Ha Tikva.” 🕎

I promise not to spam you with pics of my grandsons.

But a miracle occurred!

They’re both asleep at the same moment.😂


Just received in today’s mail my alma mater magazine, Columbia University — Fall-Winter issue of the nursing program magazine!

They’re proud to advise of their new, “first and only in the nation Certificate in Transgender Health Care.” 💪🏻

The program’s 4 instructors are “all transgender themselves.”

What would we do without the Ivy League?!?! 🤪

This recipe for “Crostini with Spicy Green Olivada” is above and beyond! You’ll notice I gave it an “A++” rating. That was ~ 5 years ago when I first made it.

Warning: addictive.

Our son went over to the gym after visiting with us today (after lugging in a lot of firewood for tomorrow).

He just texted this.😂🤣😂🤣😂

There’s nothing like a furry friend on a VERY rainy day.

Our son is BIG TIME into investing. It’s almost a hobby for him…with side benefits.

Was just texting with him to ask if he’s buying the DWAC/Trump stock.

Here’s his reply —

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