Just watched "JAWS" and can't believe how white and racist it was. Even the shark was white!

@EPL16 @redwhitebluedude

Some will remember how for five years I've been decrying Musk's brand of subsidy based enterprises.

He has been for decades a strong supporter and financiers for Democrats, in exchange for subsidies and privileges. Worse than ever in partnership with Obama.

Now he's having a deathbed conversion?

Pardon me if I don't buy that horse without a full set of dental x-rays.

An opinion from the Jewish News Syndicate re: Potato's visit to Israel --

"The visit is especially oddly timed since Israel doesn’t even have a functioning government."


I just read that The Potato will be visiting Yad VaShem, Israel's Holocaust memorial.

I get it -- everything is politics.

Still, Biden stepping foot in there sullies it. 🤬

Capitol punishment is used in Japan, with death by hanging the preferred method.


Am having HUGE Internet issues and can't sign in, but just wanted to say I'm listening to Yapping With Saul -- so interesting!

I hope you will give us more of your thoughts about this on the yapping tonite. Much appreciated .

Boris, you were born in New York.

Leave those ungrateful bastards behind and come back. We need you.

Paraphrasing John Winthrop, England is lost, and is irredeemable.

Come help us as we continue to build a new one.

Ron Coleman
The are arguably the greatest institutional travesty of injustice in American history - an exercise in jury poisoning and political chicanery worthy of the seediest tinhorn dictatorship

Ever hopeful of more leftovers😁
Happy Freedom Day
Cheers to all those that came before and made this day possible

@KurtSchlichter: "NRA members don’t shoot up 4th of July parades.

Scumbags in the party of F*** the Fourth do."


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I post the current facts/updates as I watch the news for those interested. For those not interested,scroll by or put me on mute.I wont be offended.

6 people now confirmed dead.

Upscale Jewish neighborhood. Klezmer band was playing at the time.

My guess --> antisemitic attack.

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Dr. Zelenko was a married man with 8 children, an observant orthodox Jew. He was battling recurrent and metastatic sarcoma, recovering from open-heart surgery, and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. He was a man defending his principles of medicine against Unrelenting defamation of character from the media and threats against him.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.