So, Mel Brooks has joined the ranks of the TDS-retards.

Senator Harris's DC phone line is constantly busy the past two days.
I have so many important tips for her and I can't get through!

Smile, we are on candid camera.

The FCC should never allow this.

A call to violence...against us.

trump should spend the entire debate bringing up hunter biden laptops

moderator: mr president, what is your opinion on climate change

trump: i would love to tell you but before i do, ‘wheres hunter wheres hunter wheres hunter’

Great VIP room tonight.

I joined a little late and was amazed at the new software!

James Woods...

The American people have seen more of than Joe Biden’s entire campaign.

Just an FYI Carlos is 1k from hitting 100k

nevertrump and the left really dont want trump to go after hunter emails..which means he should

Another point Rush made today, which is something I’d thought on my own but never mentioned here.

Rush thinks our POTUS was already feeling the effects of COVID at the first debate. He said Trump wasn’t himself that night.

I remember thinking our POTUS wasn’t himself at the rally the NEXT night. Told my hubby at the time that I guessed he was tired after the debate.

His COVID dx hadn’t been made yet.

Watch out, Thursday night!!! 💪🏻

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.