Oh boy — Ton Schillue is going to have A LOT of material!😂

Just imagine how our POTUS is lapping this up!💪🏻

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We are at the “the coronavirus is Trump’s fault” portion of the debate. #DemDebate

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Will Crazy Bernie poke Pocahontas in the eye?

Accidentally...or on purpose?


Why don’t Dimm candidates talk about Bernie’s rape-fantasy essay?🤔

I wonder if the corona virus is at the Dimm debate in SC.😷

Those pushing Corona virus fear porn are assholes.

Those buying it are plain stupid.

There is no way around that.

I can only imagine. They haven't pushed a single panic button about all the previously eradicated diseases being introduced illegally across our border with the assistance of our pathetic immigration "system"...not once.

Re: the corona virus — all the TDS-afflicted are having a field day with this on social media.🙄

From @mitchellvii:

“Rumor is Hillary and Bloomberg are planning a coup at the Democrat Convention to steal the nomination from Bernie on the second ballot.

If that happens, don't go outside for about a week. It won't be safe.”


Just watched Yapping with Saul 3. EXCELLENT discussion covering the normalization of antisemitism. Watch the whole thing, it’s GREAT.


Life liberty and Levin with Bibi Netanyahu, now.

PRAYERS needed for my friend Susan who is undergoing a much needed DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT at 3 pm in California! She just got the call last night (!)


From @marklevinshow:

EXCLUSIVE: Netanyahu and Levin from Israel in less than 1 hour on Fox!  8 PM eastern!



As Trump said, the best is yet to come.

In every way, shape, and form.


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