@Debradelai TW is brilliant - I could read his commentary’s all day! Thank you.

Carlos is killing me tonight. My belly aches from laughing.

"What do we want? Cheesecake. When do we want it? Now!"

Just watched a little re-hash of Rosenstein today.

Rosenstein absolutely lied.


Sorry I could not do the extra yesterday, but tomorrow I'll definitely do My Turn, focused on the Flynn filings.

Recording a podcast for Spain at 5:00pm, My turn to follow live at 7:30pm, all Eastern, open to questions.

dow 26k. and we havent even opened back up yet

Our son went to pick up his Remington 870 today, but the line was around the corner. This is in West Palm Beach. He'll be back on his next day off, and will get there first thing in the morning.

In the meantime, the Mossberg 500 is locked and loaded.💪

Youtube finally took the "limitation" away from Bear Blather 13.

They had NO reason to limit it in the first place, but succeeded. Most people who were going to watch it already did.

If you did not... What are you waiting for?


Stock market keeps rising, on the way to to 27,000.

I can't believe it's riot season already. I still have my Covid decorations up.


Thank God for Saul, et.al., for providing this platform.

My husband just said “F*ck you!” to the TV.

This is an historic day in our house.🤭

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