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GOP Rep. Tom Tiffany on Wednesday asked a leader of the gun-safety advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety in a House hearing why first son Hunter Biden has not been prosecuted for apparently lying on his 2018 application to buy a gun, rankling those in attendance.

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Why do I say buy physical media?

Because streaming channels are purging old content from their services.

The audience and revenue is insufficient to keep paying residuals... And they are looking to cut costs.

You own it, you can watch it. Whenever.

Spent an hour "chatting" with Amazon support, confirming
that there is no way to eliminate items from their response. Sure,
they'll show me many "interesting" item, if I was just browsing for nothing in particular. It is like going to a store looking for workboots, and getting rubber boots, slippers, oxfords, a "Boots" Randolph Greatest Hit's album, ballet slippers, recordings of "These boots were meant for walking", lady's high heel boots, hip waders, and books about cats named Boots.

It is the Raving 20s. Could we not consider the election of Fetterman in light of "Caligua's appointing of his horse to the Roman senate." A demonstration of how contemptible the current system is?

The Senate has become meaningless, it matters not how "cognitively challenged" one is: the Democrat Party will steal enough ballots to put them in office.

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I’m at my local GOP county meeting. Elected new leaders and the place is packed new leaders talking about more outreach with the whole county, not just GOP. Working in partnership with charities. Reengaging the business community. People here ready to do the work to get us back on track 🤞🏻

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Thought for the day:
Back in the old days, males who transitioned to female were called eunuchs.

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You cannot rely on power purchased from other providers, when others are struggling with their own power shortages, and you can’t rely on renewable energy – it always lets you down when you need it most, like just before sunrise on a bitterly cold December morning.

New Years Eve: when the beautiful promise of tomorrow is transformed into the ugly reality of today, and the disgusting miasma of now becomes the rosy nostalgic netherworlds of yesterday.

You know you're old, when the comic strips you read since high school end because the artist decides to retire.

Good bye to Funky Winkerbean and all the rest at Montoni's.

shuffled things in the second bedroom (my Den). Phase I is done.

"Oh look, that board will be perfect ..." for the Japanese saw rack.

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The fact that the government is evil, corrupt and stupid wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't so expensive, ubiquitous and intrusive. Another reason I advocate cutting all taxes and firing at least half of all government employees.

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“At the heart of most attacks on free speech is a belief that the average person has no capacity and thus no right to think for and speak for themselves.

The ‘experts’ should think and speak for you, while you labor away to fund them, of course.

Pure elitism.”

- Salomé Sibonex

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I was like hmm, it's winter here, nothing much is going to happen except the root system. Water a couple times a week (well-drained) and wait for Spring for growth.

I cut the hanging pot open and was as ginger as I could be placing the root ball into the planter with minimal disruption.

Damn, it's like it never knew....
Now it's absolutely covered with blossoms and tiny limes! It's a Persian Lime so they will big limes unlike Key Limes.

My neighbor said "We need more tequila Russ".

Why do websites want your financial data before they will deign to tell what shipping & handling will be?

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The last straw for Sinema was when Sam Brinton stole her luggage 😂

Of course verything is on the up an up.
Just look how trustworthy the people look who are saying everything is all good.

Hmmm, sweat equity to bring down the cost of electic vehicles?

Before you get the vehicle, you have to dig the lithium yourself?

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