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IDAHO: Gov. Brad "Chicken" Little threatening to withhold care from the unvaccinated:

Please share this far and wide with your Idaho friends. Little needs to be forceably dragged from office.

Note, he's been on a whirlwind campaign tour the past several months (follow his Twitter for intern-posted fluff). When he's not showing us what a great candidate he'll be in 2022, he's shoving this BS down our throats.

No phone, tv or internet can really make you focus on other sweet things in life. I made my Mom, 94 come to my house and she did not like it one bit. We have had some quality time together.

We survived in Baton Rouge better than most, it went 50 miles east of us and they took the brunt. God, thank you for electricity, it really can make life wonderful. Many in Louisiana are in a very bad way, and we are keeping them close and in our prayers.

I am in Baton Rouge, I will let you know how we do if we have internet which I highly doubt tomorrow night.

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I saw this picture on the blue bird and thought is was so sweet.

I peel and slice the zucchini and cook in the microwave, and sometimes use eggplant but cook in the oven with olive oil.

The development was going to tie into our small sewer system but we fought that so now we will tie into their new one. When you have a Democrat city you will always be the loser, our flooding keeps getting worse.

We knew this land could be sold and developed but all the homes in the area are on fairly large lots. Funny how zoning laws change in the dead of night.

We live in a rural area with flood zones around us, behind our house the planning commission is going for a zero lot zone and we have gotten the developer to increase the lot size to only have 2 homes behind us.

This balsamic vinegar is thick and sweet and I am always looking for them for my salads. I generally find them at Home Goods or TJ Max. We are trying to eat healthy so this will go good with the ribs!

Guess who is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana? One of Shaq’s sons lives close by, and the guys were having a basketball lesson. My daughter’s son.

My oldest grandson Lorenzo, a graduate from University of Florida, our pride and joy, another story for another day!

Our beach trip early June, Perdido Florida. Paradise, at the gulf.

My children would die if they knew I posted all this but they are not on the site so I am good.

He had to swim in the gulf early morning with a huge surf after the night before it was calm. His wife threatened him with divorce if he ever did it again without proper training. He did finish!

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