Fox news despises it's audience.

Donna Brazile:
Read this. Trump ain’t playing this time with big rallies and hats. He has a top notched playbook at his disposal. Stop and think: what is doing right now in South Carolina to sow discord? His mantra is chaos and discord complete with lies and vulgarity.

@psfina yes saw that...tweeted Fox News and CEO Suzanne Scott to dump liar Brazile


I usually tune out when Donna comes on. I understand getting an opposite point of view, but using someone that actively cheated for one side = zero credibility (even if cheating is the Dem M.O.).

@psfina another well documented lying moron so, Fox hires he?

I've stopped watching FOX, they are only marginally better than the rest. Their main goal is to get my blood pressure up and I don't need any help with that.

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