When hating jews means more than your own liberty👇

Adam Abusalah:
My Palestinian grandmother just voted for @BernieSanders to be the next president of the United States, because he is not afraid to say that her family in Palestine deserve to live in peace and dignity.

What does it say about the "Zionist conspiracy"/Jews-run-the-world BS that the most anti-Israel candidate is Jewish?

Mark Krikorian discusses immigration's effect on the demographics and politics of Nevada.👇


Matt Yglesias taking a break from telling us the things Bernie praises will never happen here anyway to tell us the things Bernie praises are good ackshually.

"Chilling effect" means they're not using welfare and paying their own bills -- that's a good thing.

Confusion about a change to the "public charge" law that limits immigrants' use of government benefit programs will have a chilling effect on people, including those who are not covered by the ruling, according to staff at Cabrini Immigrant Services.

Larry Kudlow admits there are 6M+ Americans still on the sidelines of the workforce. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds there's at least 11.4M unemployed and underemployed -- but all of whom want full-time jobs. breitbart.com/politics/2020/02

There is no worker shortage. That is a lie from big tech and billionaires who benefit from firing American workers. twitter.com/michellemalkin/sta

Mark Krikorian (Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies):

Good. Welfare is something you should be ashamed of having to use (even if it is sometimes unavoidable), and something you should try to get off of as quickly as possible.👇

Useful fact sheet from @NYCImmigrants on possible "chilling effect" of the rule. Eligible non-citizen NYers are withdrawing from/not enrolling in SNAP benefits at a rate double that of eligible citizens. www1.nyc.gov/assets/immigrants

Daily reminder that legal immigration may be sought in any of these places...instead they head straight for the open border and free shit.

The Obamacare website cost more...

Than what President Trump asked for to secure our entire southern border with a wall to keep each and everyone of us safer, and to insure that our voter process is done with integrity.

Notice it's equity not equality now
totally different things👇 frightening

Rando on twitter describing Hannity....perfect😂

Levin told him he would stop appearing if he kept interrupting. Note that Levin is one of few that no longer gets interrupted. One other is Gingrich.
Repeats constantly. Like he's teaching 1st grade.

An honest environmentalist
Mike Shellenberger, MD:
Bernie Sanders says he’s against nuclear because we don’t know what to do with the waste

It’s a lie

- “waste” from nuclear is the only energy waste we have a solution for

- solar produces 300x more waste & it’s dumped on African nations

- wind turbine waste going to landfills

Absolute lie.

The CDC’s funding went up. It just didn’t go up as much as they requested.👇

Brian Schatz, Sen Hawaii:
The Coronavirus is not contained. It will not fade in the spring. Trump cut CDC by 9 percent. Trump eliminated the position at the global health security teams at NSC and DHS. They don’t know what they are doing. They are fixated on the politics and the stock market.

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@psfina another well documented lying moron so, Fox hires he?

The Last Refuge:
"Four years ago China was just another seemingly invisible country without mention (other than by Trump) in national political conversation.

Tonight, every member of Dem debate outlined China as a geopolitical threat.

That my friends is the scale of DONALD TRUMP influence."

Eric Holder:
"Does anyone think that if there were a consequential national security/economic crisis that this Administration has the intellectual capacity and policy acumen to navigate the nation through it? The answer, frighteningly, is no. Now we have the coronavirus and...."

Just like Obama

Buck Sexton:
"Mayor Pete excels at eloquent and worthless platitudes"

United States Census Bureau:

The Foreign-BornPopulation in the United States
Since1970, the foreign-born population has continued to increase in size and as a percent of the total population.
Today, the majority of foreign born are from Latin America and Asia.
Considerable differences exist among the different country-of-birth groups in various characteristics.
About 1 in 4 children under 18 in families have at least one foreign-born parent.

Endless US presence and the end of Israel👇

Buttigieg calls for “changing the balance of power in the Middle East”

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