I would love to see Kimberly over here. She's not gotten enough credit for the long run here.


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"Here’s the first major deception today by the press. AG Barr said that Mueller identified ten possible obstruction situations and investigated. CNN and others are saying there ten “instances” of obstruction. False. Amazing the corruption in the media."


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Is there any other imbecile today bad-mouthing Rod Rosenstein?

C'mon asswipes, apologize.

Long overdue.

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And comes to no conclusion.

Yet, this is what these perverted minions of the DNC choose for a lead today.

Miserable hucksters.

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One hour lead up to Mueller Report.

I am hiding here to avoid the twitter crazies. No one tell them I'm here. It is super secret.

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Well well well.

A rat emerges from the nest to attack AG Barr.

None other than District Judge Reggie Walton, who was (wait for it) Chief Judge of the FISC between Feb 2013 - May 2014.

Justice Collyer's memo referred to massive abuse of the NSA by contractors for FIVE YEARS, from 2011-2016. Gee I wonder if dodgy evidence was used in FISA applications, in Judge Reggie's FISC?

You know the answer.


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My IQ just dropped 10 points reading this nonsensical rant by a racist bitch.

We need to kicked these charlatans out of academia yesterday!


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@drawandstrike @DuaneCates
You pointed out this thread in your respective twitter feeds by Roscoe B Davis.


This goes beyond just spygate. It means that the Obama administration is a criminal administration.

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Today, someone told me that I didn't "need" to write a thread about a certain topic.

I guess some forget that I literally live in a country where I am told by the government what words I am *allowed* to say, what type of firearms I "need" to own, and which work-related primary source documents I am permitted to download without a Police response.

SQV is the closest thing I can get to experiencing the freedom you enjoy in the USA.

I intend to keep enjoying it.


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Time to get your goddam heads on straight.

I'm SICK TO DEATH of people losing the ability to think during a crisis.

Do you know why Trump said this?

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Ben Shapiro is in the pay of venture capitalists, who hate Trump because he's stopping them from importing slaves.

A guy on Twitter went after me in defense of Ben, and I traced him to a rabid Trump-hating venture capitalist whose name I forget.

Shapiro wrote for the venture capitalist's Website.

Ben is in it for himself. He actually has no convictions whatsoever. His attacks on Trump are purely mercenary.

Flat affect = psychopathy.

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"Notre Dame" means "Our Lady."

Mary, Mother of God.

Like humans, buildings have finite lifespans.

The maypole symbolizes the "axis mundi," the connection between heaven and earth.

Here's one take on the finite lifespan of everything earthly.


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I stumbled across this article from 2015 and reading it made me feel good. It's stuff we don't hear enough of.


What's the best thing about living in the United States? (answered by Ted Joy)

"Wow. What a question.

Okay, here's my answers in no particular order.

I love the country -- I mean the way it looks and the way it smells and the light and the sun and the wind and the rain and the snow."

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In the past 2 weeks, 70+ democrats -- including the county commissioner -- have switched parties in Columbus County, NC."


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D'Souza, who I respect, is engaging in a false equivalence here.

Just because FakeNews is corrupt and awful, does NOT mean Assange is a hero. The two points are not connected.

YES - Assange did damage Clinton. Because he and his backers thought she was going to be POTUS. If she'd won, WL would have kept hammering her, as well.

BUT REMEMBER : the intention was not to help Trump. The objective was and remains TO DAMAGE AMERICA. So when Trump won, Assange dropped Vault 7.

Don't be fooled.

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