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ASTONISHING speech by POTUS Trump at Davos.

Achievement after achievement, record after record.

Trump has restored American primacy. He is the greatest POTUS.

Elitist progressives have nothing to say. They can whine, have tantrums, smear, it means nothing. Because there is nothing they can say.

Watch, learn etc.

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If true, a masterstroke. Why?

The Democrat Crime Syndicate was relying on keeping the sham alive in the Senate, as well as creating new impeachment hoaxes to send to the Senate.

This rule destroys that strategy.

The Dems are cornered, trapped, ambushed, screwed. They're not coming out of this as a functioning political party.

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Pollack doesn't get it.

Trump WANTS a trial with witnesses. HIS witnesses.

There's no way that McConnell will permit Pelosi to rerun her hoax. Any witnesses the Dems are allowed to call will be HUMILIATED.

Trump holds ALL the cards. I'm not being arrogant, it's just a statement of fact.

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In the face of incontrovertible evidence that the Clintons, esp Hillary, are as dodgy as they come - AND her clear role in rigging the DNC primary and then trying to rig the 2016 election, HULU decides to push Clinton propaganda.

Total stupidity.

This will not end well for HULU. Anyone with the service must cancel immediately.

As for Hillary? Her fate is sealed.

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Good interview by Glenn Beck with John Solomon that provides some reveals on what will be revealed in the Senate trial.

I live the way Solomon drops 'hints' about what he knows, which is a lot.

NOT good for the Democrats.

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1. UPDATE on Obama Cathedral.

What do you know. It's still delayed.

'Federal regulators are still scrutinizing the plans to build the Obama center in Jackson Park. A revised assessment of the proposal's effects on historic properties is set to be released Thursday.'

The result?

Further inexplicable delays, apparently.

Oh, this is hilarious.

It's obvious that the project, which is now 2 years + dayed, has run out of money. How do we know?

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"But people love hysteria and melodrama.

Even when you're aiming your hysteria and melodrama at brick walls.

Leftists don't care. They aren't even listening to you. Your speeches about the Constitution aren't registering."

(Which is why "conservatives" never WON anything. They have been too busy LOSING gloriously on the battlefield of Constitutional debate. Meanwhile, Trump wins hearts and VOTES by talking toilets and shower heads)

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"In case you never saw it, here is President Trump's detailed plan to reorganize and restructure the federal government.

It was released in June 2018, more than a year and a half ago.

(So...when the urge strikes to bash "the GOP", consider the REAL stakes involved in a Schumer Senate with Pelosi House -- be part of the feces-flinging, OR be part of the winning solutions....and stuff)

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For @Kambeii

You ask, "What is Trump going to say on the stand in his trial that his own lawyers can't say?"

Spoken like a true lawyer.

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"He knew where all the bodies were buried...and still does." @GenFlynn our hero.

Merry Christmas to you both.

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What I learned was that having illusions isn't the same as momentarily losing yourself in artistic fantasy.

I lose myself in art all the time, and I have no illusions.

It's not something I'd recommend, but it works for me.

Goodbye, Danny. Maybe I'll see you someday.


Remember 2014? It seems like a lifetime ago. Reading this article with 5 years of hindsight is quite a trip.

The Left has always misunderstood, folks aren't jealous of the wealthy. They just want to own themselves, their own lives.

It isn't about financial "inequality", it is about the control these Plutocrats exercise over the lives of folks. No such "equality" can make a man free from their tyrannical bureaucratic state.

The pitchforks came out. Trump was elected.

A friend of mine sent me this today and I couldn't help but think of my bass expert @ThomasWic ... it is good to send you a toot about something other than the fact that everyone is insane with TDS or BCS (battered conservative syndrome) believing the world is going to end.

Anyway, ignore the doom saying cultists and enjoy a bit of the best that's ever been:

As a rule I don't put in much with Jazz, but I just couldn't pull my ears away from this.

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POTUS Trump : FISA IG will be 'HISTORIC'.

That's from this morning BTW.

So, who do you believe? Fake News or POTUS Trump.

I've made my choice.

Game over. They thought she'd never lose.

Now, they ALL lose.

The end.

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1. NYT - hey everyone, OIG Report is a big nothingburger, Comey, Strzok and Page are in the clear, it was all just low level employees, Carter Page FISA was just a bit careless etc . IOW - nothing to see here.

Being NYT the piece is meticulously researched of course, based on 'according to people familiar with the matter' and also 'The New York Times has not reviewed the draft'.

My take? This is 100% FakeNews BS or Trump's team leaking FakeNews BS. Let's see which one.

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@drawandstrike @DuaneCates
This is the part where McCabe and James Baker realize that it is futile to go on TV networks and try to spin the upcoming IG reports.

They both should have gone into hiding and distance themselves from this whole affair. Not that would have helped.

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