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McCabe on Firing Line today...

Mollie's take in MARCH 2018 on the situation that the Investigation into Sessions was nuts!

The MSM spun it as bad for Sessions.

Vindication of our commitment to Trump and the truth continues.

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Sgt Friday on Context and the Media. Easily his best work and a powerful video:

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Hidden heroes.

Men and women are of all ages took the fight to Antifa.

Some are clearly law-enforcement retirees who volunteered to return to work. I've seen their badges.

I don't know who the young ones are. They're very skilled.

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WaPo responds to Nick Sandman's lawsuit.

WaPo said they were "reviewing a copy of the lawsuit, and we plan to mount a vigorous defense."

Newt has on Luke Rosiak on his podcast to talk about his book and the Imran Awan scandal. Awesomeness:

'It's like a Russian novel; you've got this thin thread of honest people, surrounded by people methodically avoiding discovering the truth and then using their institutional authority to say since we haven’t discovered any truth, there must not be any.'

Trey Gowdy being Trey Gowdy (shreds McCabe on his public comments about the timeline, evidence, investigations, and Comey):

From LarryS, the history (literally) of FakeNews:
Great thread, we need him here pronto. Someone who can DM should put in the word.

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Davis Hanson on McCabe's 25th Amendment Comments — definitely worth a listen.

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1. Well here's a weird coincidence.

Remember the meeting where McCabe says Rosenstein would wear a wire, to record POTUS Trump, as part of a 25th amendment coup?

It happened on 16 MAY 2017.

The SAME DAY Rosenstein, Mueller and Trump apparently met, to discuss Mueller's 'FBI Director' role (yeah right).

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Great read at The Epoch Times by Jeff Carlson pointing out the discrepancies in McCabe’s 60 minutes interview, his previous testimony and what IG Horowitz uncovered in his investigations.

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I ask you to consider Trump in 1775

Sending a letter to the opposition.

Laying out your grievances, being reasonable, seeming to want to be loyal. Not long after - ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Remember that. This is Trumps olive branch petition. Democrats will be destroyed in a year.

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Thread on righteous anger.

S. E. Cupp said it's "gross" that Trump supporters are celebrating the exposure of the Jussie Smollett hoax.

Well, I haven't even BEGUN to celebrate.

As a Trump supporter, I have every right to celebrate the demolition of a lunatic who had the world on his side and who made the world step on its own willy and do a pratfall.

Let's go back to World War One.

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1. Hey all, I'm noticing a bit of impatience out there along the lines of 'why isn't anything happening?'

Be like Trump - be PATIENT.

Remember, we are all MONTHS ahead of the normie curve. If you're asking yourselves qs like 'Is Mueller a good guy or not?' and you know about his meeting with Rosenstein and Trump on 16 May 2017, well done. You're pretty much up to date. BUT you're also in the minority.

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@ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

So I just watched Trump's speech 2 Venezuelan Americans and something hit me right between the eyes.

We often talk in our circle about how Trump has been planning his presidency for 40 years or so.

I think it goes deeper. I saw a report recently that Soros admitted he's losing in Europe. Trump going in hard on socialism.

That crazy son of a bitch is going for the Holy Grail - World fucking Peace and an end of Socialism globally.

Watch him do it.

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