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Per Jack Posobiec: Twitter has suspended Coptic Christian @ladyinmedicine for criticizing...the Muslim Brotherhood.
Yes, you read that right. She was suspended from Twitter for taking on a radical Islamic organization which is listed as a dangerous terrorist group on the US State Dept website. For those of you who don't know, one of MB's off-shots and affiliate organizations is Bin Laden's Al-Quaeda.

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"Nile Street is now officially open, after protesters clear barricades."

Both sides are compromising.

SOMEONE is continually firing on both the protestors and the security forces in an attempt to derail the negotiations.

It has to be Iran. The mullahs will do anything to destabilize and prevent improvement. Worldwide.

But so far so good in Sudan. The rocky road their on is preparing them for a stable future.

All good things are HARD to achieve.

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@Pissyfit @Debradelai

@GenFlynn set them all up.

That's all you need to know.

The details aren't important.

He knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. He was the key to unlocking the entire corrupt process.

Like Trump, the general sees the big picture and games out all possible results.

The general has THIS in his head at all times. He can consult it when necessary.

Just change the place names to outcomes.

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(1) One of the felicitous results of the Trump immigration plan, if it ever gets enacted (reason enough to vote Republican across the board next year) is the demise of the Visa Lottery.

This program has existed in one form or another, since 1987.

A consequence of the 86 amnesty law, otherwise known as the
Immigration Reform and Control Act, or The Simpson-Mazzoli Act.

It was supposed to be a one-time fix.

It wasn't.

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1. POTUS Trump is now using the word 'treason' in relation to the SpyGate conspiracy of 2015-17.

I don't think he is being hyperbolic, either.

There's a good case that what went on falls squarely within the definition of treason in 18 US Code 2381, extract:

'Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason...'

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(1) The local nature of conflict in Europe exposes the parties in ways that are easier to understand.

There is essentially no difference between the neo-Fascist movements threatening Spain today and those brewing under our own noses.

Both are allied to the same enemies of Liberty emboldened by 8 years of Obama’s activism. They even coordinate and help each other.

When President Bush denounced the “Axis of Evil” in 2002 at the State of the Union Address, he was RIGHT.

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1. If you want another reason why Obama, Clinton, their thugs and the Demotards in Congress are in FULL BLOWN PANIC, check out this awesome thread by Rising Serpent.

As he points out, to date not one of the 'Russians' in the FBI/CIA set-up are, in, Russian.

Mueller's Report describes Mifsud as having 'connections to Russia'. NOT as a Russian agent. Many are critical of Mueller, but it would be wise to not rush to judgment.

Remember, Mueller clears Trump.

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Israel - Hamas 'ceasefire'.

Don't buy the FakeNews.

Hamas has been BADLY mauled.

And this time, there will be no re-supply. And no escape.

Hamas is about to be drained from Gaza.

GCC special ops will be inside Gaza, causing havoc. And converting local Gazans, to turn against Hamas.

NONE of the Hamas leaders, let alone footsoldiers, can sleep safely from now on.

Game changer.


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Excellent breakdown by Sundance of Trump's masterful outmanouvering of Xi.

Sundance has been extremely good on this for a long time now.

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“Laws come and go but universal truths remain...”

This woman is a beautiful soul who is a strong and fearless advocate for life.

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Here's a movie that SHOULD be made but never WILL be made.

Between December 17 and 20, 1941, all the B-17 bombers in the Philippines were flown to Australia as the the Japanese took over.

Most Americans had surrendered by May 8, 1942.

But there was a miracle.

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1. James Comey, swamp survivor, playing both sides.

And struggling.

As we ow know, the FBI apparently put two informants in front of Papadopolous, one posing as an academic and the other as a Turkish EA.

In London.

Comey's explanation? Quote (from radio interview, below):

'Really? What would you have the FBI do? We discover in the middle of June of 2016 that the Russians were engaged in a massive effort to mess with this '/...

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This claim is not accurate.

"Dear @RealDonaldTrump and Chairman @Parscale: You Do Understand Facebook’s Purge of Conservative Content Enabled Democrats to Flip House in 2018, Right?"

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NEW: :'Hillary R Clinton - America's Last President'

A fascinating (if scary) qs - knowing what we know now about her and Obama, what would America be like, if Clinton had won?

Just my opinion, but America would have entered a very dark period.

I doubt the Republic would have survived.

The behavior of the Democrats today reveal a lot about what a Clinton Presidency would have been like, in the future.

Anyway, what do you think? Feel free to share far and wide!

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1. Ukrainian government now roped into SpyGate in a BIG way.

Some aren't seeing the explosive nature of this story. Remember, Chalupa was seeking dirt from the Ukrainian government on Trump and Manafort as early as Jan 2016 - if not earlier - BEFORE the Trump-Russia lie existed.

Before revealing her DNC affiliation, she was doing it covertly, masquerading as a Ukrainian/US citizen dissident.

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White House Counsel Emmett Flood sends a letter to Attorney General Barr regarding the Mueller report ....

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