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How to bug them or squeaking wheel gets the grease

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He is neither stupid nor gullible.

He's one corrupt SOB who sold his vote at the highest possible price.

Ask his wife.

My father who is 95 yrs has been married for 40+ years to a woman 28 yrs his junior. Many naysayers when they married.

He's in his last days and this woman has cared for him day and night with unfailing love.

Both are Christians and were equally yoked intellectually as well as spiritually.

In a world of strife and immorality, corruption, hatred, and unspeakable wrongs, it is gratifying to see something so precious.

Love, dedication, commitment do not happen by accident. It is a decision.

Sister gave me some yarn for my birthday in January. This month is her birthday and she's getting dish towels made from the yarn she gave me. 😂

Nearly two dozen people arrested in connection to the violence at the future site of a police training center in Atlanta on Sunday face domestic terrorism charges, according to authorities.

Atlanta police posted a list of 23 individuals charged with domestic terrorism by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The list shows only two of these people are from Georgia, while the rest are from other states as well as France and Canada.

@TimRunsHisMouth: "Sooo... the same people who believe young children are responsible enough to demand their own sex change... believe that 18 year olds aren't responsible enough to sign up for student loan debt ok... got it.

President Trump on TS: 😂 😂 😂

The greatest thing Nikki Haley did for our Country, and the Great State of South Carolina, was accepting the position of United Nations Ambassador so that the incredible then Lieutenant Governor, Henry McMaster, could be Governor of South Carolina, where he has done an absolutely fantastic job. That was a big reason why I appointed Nikki to the position—It was a favor to the people I love in South Carolina!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.