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How to bug them or squeaking wheel gets the grease

Elected Officials | USAGov

Find contact information for federal, state, and local government officials.

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@ThomasWic Yep. And it's sad. He’s not an enigma. He’s plain, says it like it is, and doesn't play games. If they stopped viewing him through the lens of politician, they might start getting it.

My daughter 20 years ago. All natural. Long arms and long legs and did not look like a powerlifter . She broke a record powerlifting. She doesn't power lift anymore, but when she goes to the gym she throws up really heavy barbells and embarrasses the guys. She puts 110% in everything she does. She had two children after the age of 40. She put 110% in that too. I want to be like her when I grow up😍

Proclamation on the Death of John Paul Stevens | The White House

As a mark of respect for the memory and longstanding service of John Paul Stevens, retired Associaguy. Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, I hereby order, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, that on the day of his interment, the flag …

FBI and Italian police target Gambino and Inzerillo Mafia in Sicily

Eighteen suspected gangsters were arrested in Palermo this morning, including Salvatore Gambino, the mayor of the Sicilian town of Torretta. Another suspect was detained in New York.

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So, I'm on 3 day suspension at Facebook, probably for suggesting that Ilhan Omar fly back to Somalia on her broom.

It was worth it.

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2) . “There is a crisis in Queens, and it’s called AOC,” Murray told Fox News. “And instead of focusing on us, she’s focusing on being famous. Mainly rolling back progress and authoring the job-killing Green New Deal and killing the Amazon New York deal.” Murray takes jabs at AOC in an introductory video that launches her campaign.

One Nomination Sent to the Senate | The White House

NOMINATION SENT TO THE SENATE: Mark T. Esper, of Virginia, to be Secretary of Defense, vice James Mattis, resigned.

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Chorous of Criticism

"Sen. @RandPaul joined the chorus of criticism against Rep. @Ilhan Omar, saying she deserves to be rebuked for criticizing the US after the country took her in as a refugee.

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Super congrats on your first day of working on your own terms, with humane hours. May you soar, you fine investigative journalist, master newsweaver, storyteller extraordinaire.

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Pompeo to Visit Mexico on Eve of Safe Third-Country Asylum Deadline

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Tuesday he will meet his U.S. counterpart Mike Pompeo in Mexico City at the weekend to discuss migration and trade, on the eve of a deadline set in a migration deal that removed threatened tariffs.

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Black Lives Matter Leader Shaun King Calls Terrorist Who Tried to Massacre Border Patrol Officials “Martyr”

Describes Willem Van Spronsen’s manifesto as “beautiful”.

Yes, really.

69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen was shot dead by police on Saturday morning at an ICE facility in Washington State after he threw molotov cocktails in an attempt to ignite a propane tank. He was also armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon.

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After the full bore attacks the last week from the Dems, DNC Media, Hollywood, the entire Progressive Left:

BOTH Bushes, McCain, Romney & JEB! would be curled into a fetal position sobbing "I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!"


Take a look!

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