I pray liberals with a few functioning brain cells left understand how dangerous a Bolshevik such as Bernie Sanders really is.

I would point them to the historical record of St. Nelson Mandela who looked the other way as his criminally insane wife Winnie directed that tires be placed around the necks of white persons and then lit on fire.

That kind of dangerous, children.


They know communism is dangerous - to their wallets.

The majority of the young ones have no idea what communism is. They think of it as a source of money and benefits and protection.

Those who have any idea of the reality like the absolute government power and control that communism demands.

They like controlling other people. Independence and freedom terrify them.


But they want a communism that destroys ordinary people and benefits the self-chosen elitists.

Leftists see themselves as inherently superior. Trump's victory and the freedom of Americans are a bitter humiliation to them every day.

Sanders' policies would smash their bubble of wealth. His communism is the crude, vulgar, explicit communism of the Bolsheviks.

His lunatic policies would smash the economy to pieces - and their wealth would vanish

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.