The Harry & Meghan disaster continues.

Now they're getting into bed with NETFLIX, which is rapidly becoming no more than an Obama / DNC propaganda outlet.

Shameful by Netflix.

And talk about a bad move by Harry.

1/31 The more we learn about those charged w/upholding the law the more depravity, vindictiveness, & criminality we find. These ladder climbers prove ever more diligent in their efforts to abuse power, to wield it as a political weapon, and to ruin innocent's lives. @SidneyPowell

One of the main reasons we all need to contribute what we can to @GenFlynn defense fund?

To help our hero go on OFFENSE.

If Justice Sullivan allows the motion to withdraw the guilty plea, it will be the Obama goons worst nightmare. Why?

Imagine having General Flynn coming after you.

Now you understand.


I just love 🌺 Karma🌺

I've been staying up on the constant, what I consider abuse of the court, filings in the Avenatti extortion case. Another major happening that I missed today was the phone conference that the judge for this evening.

Meanwhile Avenatti has a hearing at the CA Bar Assoc on the investigation and filings against him. He walks out of court and IRS agents arrest him 🤣

It was all I could do not to let out a yell in my meeting today.

True. No kidding.

Talking with my partner today, between patients. Internist, and Pharmacologist. Old Vietnam F4 pilot.

He just spoke with an old, dear friend of his who called to say goodbye, Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. My partner reminded him of new treatments that significantly prolong life. His friend said:

"Honestly --if I could only live long enough to vote for Trump in November..."

I enjoyed listening to the dandy dickhead schiff bloviate the articles of impeachment in such solemn and serious tones.

It will be entertaining to watch the magic wand of reality and truth strike the shithead between his eyes.

The disconnected from reality children have left the room and now adults can close this enormous waste of effort BS impeachment trial.

My hope is the leftists will be humiliated.

Confirmed: James Comey once again under investigation for leaking documents. And he thought he was cleared.🤣🤣🤣 I think we all knew better.

Posts of this nature are circulating among Iranians on social media, encouraging each other to never play into the regime's propaganda and lies.

The mullahs do not represent us Iranians.

We will get rid of them. Soon.

Antifa began a century ago in 1921 as a front group under the direction of the Soviet Union to incite a Communist revolution in Germany. The party chose the name Antifaschistische Aktion, now known as Antifa, because an Italian Marxist fell out with his nation’s Socialist Party, founded his own party, and took power in 1922. His name was Benito Mussolini

Don't forget patriots it's Friday...
Patriots Let’s All help out our Hero General Flynn
💙❤️ Any Amount Helps $10 $20 $50 Donate Here.

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We are finally giving the last touches to the redesigned Quodverum website.

In this screenshot you can see two of the new bells and whistles:

1. Member sign-in. We'll discuss that later.

2. Search window.

# 4 (possibly pre-election) : Clinton Foundation investigation blows open.

Of course, the combined impact of these 3 events is like a rolling snowball : it opens the door for Iran Deal, China corruption, Clinton Foundation, Awans and lots more AFTER the election.

Many familiar names will be indicted. And many others, less familiar - to normies.

Trump is in total control, but cautious. He won't move until he's sure the people back him. He doesn't want The Republic destroyed.

Another thing.

This is how I think it plays out

#1 Senate Trial - exposes full scale of Obama corruption in Ukraine, including Biden, money laundering, misuse of US Aid $ with Soros.

#2 Durham - indictments start to fall in SpyGate and truth revealed about what went on.

#3 DeClass - full declassification in conjunction with #2.

Some argue that the Senate impeachment trial will be thrown out fast, followed by a Senate hearing into Ukraine.

I doubt it. A separate Senate Committee hearing can be ignored by FakeNews, but a Senate trial into Trump won't be.

Plus, a Senate trial forces Senators such as Sanders and Warren, off the campaign trail.

Last, the Dems case is weak as hell. Unbelievable, but they doesn't seem to realize DJT is ready with a mighty counter-punch.

They're trapped.

Not only will General Flynn be vindicated and cleared BEFORE the election.

I think POTUS Trump intends to appoint General Flynn as his NSA, AFTER the election.

With instructions to 'seek and destroy.'

The ULTIMATE kick in the gonads to Obama, Clinton and their FakeNews apparatchiks.

It makes sense. And it's EXACTLY the type of thing Trump would do.

Revenge will be very sweet indeed.

The end.

Thread on 2020 Senate races.

McSally’s chances for victory in AZ will be substantially helped after today’s conflict with CNN.

It’s interesting to see the strong positive reaction from conservatives for Martha McSally regarding her dismissal of CNN leftist Raju as a ‘liberal hack’.

She is up against Dem challenger Mark Kelly and is considered to be one of the two most vulnerable GOP senators running this year, along with Gardner in CO.

Yesterday : US-China Phase One signed.
Today : USMCA passed in Senate.

DOW: almost at 30,000 points. On Nov 7, 2016? 18,259.

These are truly historic times. Trump is re-drawing the global trading order, based on the primacy and power of the US economy.

He is a truly great POTUS. Already, IMO, the greatest ever.

FakeNews and corrupt leftists can scream all they like, but they cannot stop what is happening.

Much as they won't be able to stop their own destruction.

Parnas is enough to consider that Judas Goats do, in fact, exist.

He's going to backfire explosively on these idiots.

Remember when CNN had Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti on their show 256 times in one year. He is now back in jail for multiple bail violations. This is Lev Parness - he is now 'Avenitti 2.0', the new darling of the Left. He is out on federal bail and all hopes of the Left and their impeachment hang on him. The DOJ and Ukraine have already said you can't believe anything he says, but they don't care. Michael Cohen all over again.

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