@Debradelai Really Saul? Islam Sunni and Islam Shia are listed separately through the graphic. The data aren't biased. Your view of them are.
Go ahead and block me.

In the case that Congress opened trying to get at the Grand Jury testimony from the Mueller report, the government has complied with the court's instructions.

Interesting to find that neither Don McGahn nor Donald Trump Jr. testified before the Grand Jury.

@Debradelai OK. First you have to explain how data can be bigoted. Second, you have to have decided what I meant when I said disturbing and decided those thoughts were bigoted.

Thread by @themarketswork: "The LA Times appears determined to reinforce the fact that it remains a garbage publication with an overtly ridicueries dedicated to "Beating Trump" in 2020. latimes.com/opinion/story/… Some laughable examples: "Flitting abo […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/118

@paul_schmehl @Unseen1_unseen

What an excellent thread. Perspective, it's all about perspective!


How about the fight scene in which the woman jumps on the villain's back and ineffectually pummels him, only to be thrown off and knocked out?

I've seen that 10,000 times.

@paul_schmehl Infinitely better than a single unarmed woman overpowering muscular, armed men. In other words, what Leftist writers think defines "strong independent women"

Dear climate alarmists.

It's time to shut down another pipeline carrying fossil fuels, the one attached to your house. It even comes with a shut off valve

You're all hypocrites! Winter is coming, natural gas heats your home, either shut your gas off or shut your pie holes. twitter.com/panosjr/status/118

Am I the only one who gets really irritated at TV shows and movies where the girl screams like a banshee whenever something bad happens? See a dead body? Scream. Get attacked? Scream. See a mouse? Scream. Can they not find ONE woman who can act normally? It's disgusting the way they infantilize women and then swear they are all for women's rights. Makes me want to vomit.

Thread by @RoscoeBDavis1: "It's called Operation Mockingbird. And it's called that for a reason! There is documented proof that the CIA dumpsdia contacts to push a message. It's not some tin foil theory it's a fact. The underbelly of our government p […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/118

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