Hi, Paul. Would you be willing to share the source? I'd like to deep dive into this video's sources. Is this worldwide? Assuming so.

@paul_schmehl Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Christian Protestant and Christian Roman Catholic parents need to start raising bigger families and the religions need to find ways of increasing their number of members. I’m surprised the number of Roman Catholics is higher than the number of Protestants. Always thought that was in reverse.

@paul_schmehl Society is also turned against the Protestant and Catholic Churches. Seems the idea of being without religion sold onto Americans and Europeans and has not changed in decades. And yes many have moved to Islam.

Christians and Jews are persecuted in Africa and many countries but you will not hear the media repeat any of that. The media puts Christians in with Republicans here in America and denigrates Protestantism, the Pope is turning the Catholic religion into a liberal

@paul_schmehl religion. It’s a real shame. In England, the Anglican Church is losing members due to the secularism of society and many churches are closing.


The only thing I find disturbing is that anyone would find this bigoted falacy disturbing.

@Debradelai OK. First you have to explain how data can be bigoted. Second, you have to have decided what I meant when I said disturbing and decided those thoughts were bigoted.


Why are Christian denominations exposed separately and,Muslim denominations not?

For effect.

To create the impression that there is a menace growing in the world.

Don't try to play coy with me.

Today is not a good day for that.

Tomorrow doesn't look good either.

Take your "Muslim threat" garbage and shove it up your exhaust hole.

@Debradelai Really Saul? Islam Sunni and Islam Shia are listed separately through the graphic. The data aren't biased. Your view of them are.
Go ahead and block me.


There are way more than two currents in Islam.

But that is not the point, and you know it.

Go ahead and block you?


It hadn't occurred to me, but am more than happy to oblige.

I'm already missing a great guy today, I don't think I'll miss a religious fanatic.

Have it your way.

@paul_schmehl @Debradelai Data may not be bigoted but it can be manipulated. For example: scientific data manipulated to fit the climate change narrative.

@Ballerina @paul_schmehl @Debradelai it can be however this shows both Sunnis and Shia religion as well as buddhism etc

@Lemonhead @Ballerina @paul_schmehl

What it shows is the tenuous grasp on reality of a hyperventilating religious bigot.

Religions ebb and flow over time. The largest cemetery on Earth is that where once omnipotent immortal gods lay buried. That should not be a concern to any thinking man.

Manipulating data to justisfy the fears fueled by one's bigotry...well...that's a whole different ballgame.

Jesuitism at its worst.

But, but, I didn't! Yes, he did.

@paul_schmehl What a great video/chart. Terrifying and urgent. Thank you for sharing!

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