Thread on Trump 1) I've been a reluctant Trump supporter. I didn't vote for him. I was convinced he couldn't be Hillary. (Here's the proof: I didn't buy the argument that he was a genius. (Here's the proof:

One thing you have to admit about me. I'm not ashamed to keep my failures on the internet for all to see.


2) BUT, the recent tweets by Trump regarding the Squad and Elijah Cummings are genius level. Here's why.

3) Since Trump tweeted about the Squad and then Cummings, the media has been 100% focused on his "racism". There's a Dem debate coming up soon. Is anyone talking about it? No! EVEN THE DEMS aren't talking about it. He's stolen all the oxygen from the primary candidates and laser-focused it on himself.

4) He's destroyed the race card forever. Look what's happening. Even liberals are forced to admit that he focused on behavior and actions, not race. Grudgingly, yes, but the honest ones have. And while the REAL racists scream to the rooftops, more and more people are seeing them for what they really are; people completely focused on skin color to the exclusion of everything else.

5) You can't criticize a POC! That's racist. You can almost hear the brains exploding. All over the country, almost in unison, people are thinking, "Wait a minute....." including black people. Look at all the black residents of West Baltimore who are posting videos that prove Trump was right.

7) You can hear black brains all over the country going, "You know, he's got a point..." Trump is FORCING black people to reevaluate their support of Democrats. And we're sixteen months out from the election. Sixteen months for everyone to think about what Trump exposed and ask themselves, whose fault is it really?

8) But that's not all. What do you think the number one topic will be at the next Dem debate? TRUMP! He's a racist. We have to replace him. This is unAmerican. We're better than this. He's disgraced the office. They'll be talking about this rather than policy.

And WHY will they be doing this? Because the media has pounded the table for weeks and weeks about what a racist Trump is. They HAVE to respond to that. If they don't, they risk the wrath of the true racists of the left.

9) And Dems fear that more than anything. Look how fast they grovel any time they're attacked by the real racists and sexists. Look how quickly they apologize for their "missteps" (which are really glimpses into their true natures.)

10) But, and I'd wager a lot of people haven't thought of this, the greatest thing Trump has done is removed the stinger from the hornets of racialism. Yes, he's exposed them, but he's also liberated millions of Americans. He's made it OK to critize POC when criticism is warranted. Watch as more and more people stand up and say, "No, I won't apologize. What I said is true."

11) The morons on the left are thinking, "Now we've got him. We've exposed him for all to see." That's not what Joe Public sees. That's not what the people who live in the Democrat hellholes see. But the elites don't know what Joe Public thinks, because they've never asked. In fact, they're not interested in what Joe Public thinks. You know who is? The Electoral College.

12) What Trump has done with his tweets is set the stage for the 2020 election. It will be about the liars versus Trump. The irony is so thick you can taste it. They all think he's a liar. But when they harp on him being a racist, who's the liar now?

What I really love is how they keep using the same complaint. He's DOUBLED DOWN1 OMG! Can you believe he's not apologizing? He's just proved he's a racist and he won't even apoligize for it.

13) And you know who else is racist. EVERY SINGLE TRUMP supporter. ALL of them. Yes, that's right. Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Terrence Williams, every black who made a video about Baltimore - they're ALL racists. He's demolished the meaning the Dems attached to a perfect legitimate word.

14) And he's exposed the left as the true racists. Did you see the reaction to Bette Midler's tweet?
Bette Midler accused of racism over tweet about African American Trump supporters via @pagesix

Notice that she isn't a racist? She's just "accused" of racism.

15) No. She IS a racist. And you're going to see more and more of that as the TDS causes them to spew their darkest inner thoughts.

Trump has done all of this. By taking on the biggest shibboleths the Dems have, he has destroyed their power. The accusation of racist has lost its meaning. And the funniest thing of all is that Dems don't realize it. They think it still has power. And so they'll continue to use it. By doing so, they will continue to expose their vapidity to Joe Public.

16) The bottom line? Trump is like a lion. When lions attack their prey, they go for the throat. And despite those gigantic canines that can rip flesh from bone instantly, they don't bite their prey. They close donw on the throat and suffocate their prey. And by suffocating them, they drain their power and reduce their ability to fight until they finally succumb.

17) Trump is the king of the political jungle. And he's suffocating the Dems. They're still struggling, fighting to survive. But their fate is sealed. It's only a matter of time until the loss of oxygen causes them to succumb and then they die.

Once that happens, the lion feats at his leisure.


What a great thread, and so spot on. POTUS is truly a genius! 🇺🇸 💕

@paul_schmehl Great thread. I spoke yesterday about being at TheWallSymposium, and Candace Owens along with multiple other people of color were speaking and having panel discussions about immigration. 6 young Latina/o social media stars were talking about the discrimination against them from the DEMOCRATS, and how welcome they were by Conservatives. They were laughing at the Dems. At least 60% of the audience were POC.


Wherever the blighted areas are for any city, Joe Public knows and has seen the effect of the blight. It will raise the questions for Joe Public to ask himself why do these conditions exist and what is the city doing to clean it up?

It will require every city to explain how they spent any monies they acquired through Federal funding for urban renewal grants. I believe this can be part of the spotlight being directed at them.

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