Chinese Government Employee Charged in Manhattan Federal Court with Participating in Conspiracy to Fraudulently Obtain U.S. Visas


When does this stop?
It’s not just insane! It’s EVIL. These ppl are LUNATICS! They had their corrupt way for 8 miserable Obama years. That wasn’t good enough. Now they attempted to overthrow Trump presidency and smear his nominations with outright LIES. Kavanaugh must Sue these sick evil bastards until they are penniless. It’s just sickening.

My answer to Is there any truth to the assertion put forth by a recent meme that during the 10-year ban on assault weapons from 1994 to 2004, mass shootings dropped by 43%, and since the expiration of the ban have increased by more than 230%?

Thread by @COsweda: "Thread This is why @TulsiGabbard is unfit to be president. I can't think of a dumber spin on current events. @TulsiGabbawas a national guard clerk in the headquarters of a medical combat, but she calls herself a combat veteran. S […]"

Thread by @LJT_is_me: "@BrookingsInst must be held accountable for their slander. They are sending out their members in a blatant attempt to TUS and our legal system. @benjaminwittes @JoyceWhiteVance and @SusanHennessey look like a geriatric gossip g […]"

In the Internet Research Agency case (brought by the Mueller gang), there has been a flurry of activity, mostly scheduling and motion orders.

In Congress' attempt to get at the Mueller Grand Jury documents, the DoJ has filed a response that seems pretty devastating to their case. It points out that Grand Jury material can only be released to a judicial proceeding, and an impeachment decision is NOT a judicial proceeding. I would expect the court to tell Congress no.

@paul_schmehl What normal, rational human would disagree? It's not as if these hateful, litigious types are seeking justice, as if they have no other choice of vendor. It's abuse of the legal system, not for equal rights, but for special rights superseding religious rights. Gays lost me when they paraded into a Catholic church to interrupt/partake in holy communion in mockery. As far as I'm concerned, gay is your personal cross to bear... or your an agent of satan.

Networks give credence to latest hit job by NYT on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

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