Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) Tweeted:
Biden: yea if that’s true, put it on your website

Trump: Ok.

Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) Tweeted:
“Why are you and so many other’s choosing to from the Democratic Party?”...
Please watch and retweet...

The DoJ has complied with Judge Sullivan’s onerous request in the Flynn case. The ball is now back in the Judge’s court. Wonder what time waster he will come up with next?

If you think we've won on November 3rd, you're sadly mistaken. The battle has just begun. November 3rd will be a great victory, no doubt, but there is a ton of work to do to restore our nation to its true from as a Constitutional Republic.

Dr. Zev Zelenko (@zev_dr) Tweeted:
New peer reviewed published study-COVID-19 outpatients–early risk-stratified tx with zinc plus low dose hcq and azithromycin

Covid-19 treatment protocol

Covid-19 prophylaxis protocol

Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) Tweeted:
CNN is non-stop scaring people about Covid.

They never give the percentage of people who get it and recover quickly. It’s politics for them.

It’s not journalism. It’s activism.

Rising serpent 🇺🇸 (@rising_serpent) Tweeted:
“The last figure I saw, there was 210,000 deaths due to COVID in America... With abortion, there are 1,000 black children aborted a day — daily. We are in genocide. So more black children have died, since February, than people have died from COVID.”

The single most important thing about ACB becoming a Justice is that John Roberts no longer matters.

If you're not following @LarrySchweikart, you should. He regularly posts information about voter registrations and actual voting that completely destroys the media narrative. GOP voters all over the country are voting in massive numbers blowing away all the previous records.

Larry Schweikart (@LarrySchweikart) Tweeted:
Wisconsin Early Ballot Returns Show Polls Are Wrong–Republicans Storm The Polls, Now Ahead in WI

Larry Schweikart (@LarrySchweikart) Tweeted:

We now have our landing page up for DecisionUSA 2020, our election night coverage with myself, @tracybeanz and @Peoples_Pundit Richard Baris. This won't be a normal election night! We'll have guests galore. It will be the Greatest Show on Earth!

Larry Schweikart (@LarrySchweikart) Tweeted:
FL In Person Early Vote

Rs hit the afterburners, now adding about 5,000 per HALF Hour
Rs +285,051

Palm Beach down to D +888.

Not a typo.

Eric Trump (@EricTrump) Tweeted:
The final homestretch (just this week with more to come)!

📍@realDonaldTrump: PA, MI, WI, NE, AZ

📍@EricTrump: AZ, NV, OH, MI, NC, FL

📍@DonaldJTrumpJr: OH, WI, IA, FL, NH, ME, PA, MI

📍@IvankaTrump: FL, NC, PA

📍@LaraLeaTrump: FL, NC


Larry Schweikart (@LarrySchweikart) Tweeted:
From Zen Master: SCOTUS just ruled 5-3 that ballots must be returned by 11/3.  A district judge had extended the deadline to 11/9.  The Seventh Circuit reversed.  SCOTUS affirmed the Seventh Circuit.  Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan dissented.

Thread by @MZHemingway: McConnell says Democrats now "see legitimate defeat as an oxymoron." Notes that nothing unconstitutional was done in confirming Amy Coney Barrett. "Legitimacy does not flow from their feelin...…

Parler: @PaulSchmehl (@PaulSchmehl) Tweeted:
Gee, if we're all going to own nothing and rent everything, then who are we going to rent it from? Huh? Somebody's got to own it for it to be rented. I think I know what they have in mind. It's called slavery.

Thread by @chiIIum: ⚠️ Biden/Harris lawyer chosen to handle “major litigation”issues is Dana Remus. —She was a deputy counsel in the Barack Obama White House. —Then general counsel to the Obama Foundation. —Then gen...…

Thread by @FreedomFriesInc: (1) Twitter no longer claims to be an aggregator of trending topics... which was their main value proposition when they launched >12 years ago. The once-useful side panel is now mere adv...…

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