Social Justice is a belief system no less intolerant than Islam
Jud Blakely … 9 April 2021

Spoiler Alert: the dictates of Social Justice are no less vicious and intolerant than the vicious and intolerant dictates of Islam…to which all within reach must either take a knee…or…take two knees. “Islam” means to submit—to obey the Koran, the Word of Allah…and “Social Justice” means the same thing—to worship (and evangelize) the sacred dictates of the Left.

The regime’s Freak Show—we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet
Jud Blakely … 6 April 2021

Fun Fact: the American Left is the Democratic Party so the regime’s “freak show” is a candid revelation of both in action…and a candid indication of what to expect in months to come—a display of historical “Firsts” to prove Dems are dedicated to rectifying God’s errors on what genders are…who can compete in girls’ sports…which restroom to use…and so on.

Note: we

The nature and effects of ingratitude on the US since the ‘60s
Jud Blakely … 29 March 2021

The gross ingratitude and fulminating scorn that have come to mirror the outlook of more and more young Americans since the 1960s are proof that Archimedes had it right—”Give me a place to stand (and a lever) and I shall move the world.” The Lefties took that as gospel. They began to take over Higher Ed 50-plus years ago as “Step 1” to taking over the nat

Turns out, America’s just one more historical fluke
Jud Blakely … 23 March 2021

And so…time passing and human nature have had their way. As a result, the great historical fluke of the American nation is dead and gone—as dead and gone as real journalism, fans at ball games, the Roman Empire, etc. In short…the good effects of prosperity have always generated the forces that destroy a nation. Is America’s death simply a validation of Fate?


Liberals toke on Lies—potheads toke on weed
Jud Blakely … 28 February 2021

Liberals and potheads have so much in common. True, I kid you not. I mean…Liberals get high by sucking up the continuum of absurd Lies of the Left while potheads—is that still a term?—get high by sucking up weed and chillin’—are those still terms? I mean…God forbid that I appropriate passè and uncool terms, then deploy such uncool terms to make a point.

Unlike Bill Clin

Yes, white racists do exist…in the DNA of the Left
Jud Blakely … 19 February 2021

Yes, white racists do exist…in the DNA of the Left White racists do exist…but…the vast majority of white racists in America is the vast majority of people who serve and uphold the Left. If not for white racists on the Left…the gold-rush scam of social justice would be as dead and gone as the virginity of Mylie Cyrus…yet…they keep telling us that the historical sins o

Where have all the adults gone…long time passing?
Jud Blakely 14 January 2021

1958. That’s when Pete Seeger wrote a memorable song: “Where have all the flowers gone?” The song—a resonating lament on the unendingly tragic cost of war—became a go-to anthem in setting the mood for opposition to our efforts to defeat communism in SE Asia. We’d won the Vietnam war by early 1968…but…we began to be informed that we couldn’t win…

…and so began the deso

When a revolution starts devouring its own
Jud Blakely … 10 February 2021

Like a snake that’s begun to devour its own tail, a Revolution of the Left—to secure its undisputed power to rule—will begin to devour some of the “less deferential” groups and figures who helped it succeed. Once the struggle to gain power has ended, the struggle to keep power gets going…and they are not equivalent—no more equivalent than defense is to offense.

It’s not that

Why I’ll never be proud of being a white man
Jud Blakely … 6 February 2021

Me, personally...I’m proud of being a white man who ISN’T proud of being white...ISN’T proud of being a man...and ISN’T proud of being 5’10” and having blue eyes, opposable thumbs, a couple of elbows and nostrils—not to mention two knees, etc. I mean...taking “pride” in what a person is born with—or seeking absolution for—that’s a mental and moral defect.

I mean...taking

The fate of delusional mopes as fellow gladiators of the Left
Jud Blakely … 3 February 2021

Life is always and inherently tragic. In failing to respect the existential truth of that, we’ve allowed our country to be seized—in slow motion and with barbarian intent—by an insatiable horde of fallen angels. They—the Left— have been a disease (at large) within us for over a hundred years now. In the wake of their blatant theft of the Presidency, their int

If you’re a puffed up ignoramus with a vulnerable ego…read on
Jud Blakely … 31 January 2021

As recent as the Left’s hatred of America may appear...the Left has never not been at war against the values that made our nation free and rich. The Left has never not been at war against “us” because we personify—in our daily lives—the liberating effects of these values. The Left has no power when a people is not broken up into groups that fear and detes

Will democracy always be an experiment that fails? (Part 3)
Jud Blakely … 26 January 2021

Democracy is always an experiment and the experiment of democracy will always fail—no matter where, no matter when—but it will always return in some form at some time...because each of the other two alternative forms is also an experiment that is destined to fail...and both of them are a version of the “autocratic” form—that is...kings and queens or...oligarchi

Will democracy always be an experiment that fails? (Part 2)
Jud Blakely … 23 January 2021

REVENGE has a really bad reputation in the West—almost as bad as people who want to make America great again, want to work again, want law and order again...and want to “live and let live” again. I mean...there is nothing more harmful than a rockin’ economy, upward mobility, and an acceptable degree of social accord. Yeah—who in hell’s going to support that?

Will democracy always be an experiment that fails?
Jud Blakely … 20 January 2021

YES...democracy will always be an experiment that fails. Always. In what place or time has democracy not failed? But...democracy is not a “one size fits all” method to govern a city, a people, or a nation. The early forms of democracy in Greece—long before Christ was born—were as unlike more modern forms of democracy as a town-hall meeting from a website.

Note: there’

We didn’t lose our freedom, we let freedom be taken from us
Jud Blakely … 18 January 2021

We didn’t lose our freedom, we let freedom be taken from us What remains of our freedom will soon be as gone as Huckleberry Finn and even the chalk outlines of a semi-truthful past...and what remains is hardly a fraction of what we grew up with and vowed to defend...but then—over the years—failed to combat...which is what the Left was doing (in more and more

From All Lies All the Time to ALL LIES ALL THE TIME
Jud Blakely … 9 January 2021

In terms of LIES...what counts are SIZE and REPETITION and KILLING THE TRUTH each and every second of each and every day—no matter where even a faint glimmer of the smallest and most humble truth may emerge— for there is no greater threat to a despotism than even small and humble truths that aren’t done away with the very instant they dare appear... more and

I’m an American – I will fight on – I will never give in
Jud Blakely … 6 January 2021

As I begin to write this column...the date is January 5th and the time reads 11:40 AM here in south Alabama...which means we’re within 24 hours of seeing whether STEP 1 of saving and recovering our Nation—of saving and recovering our American Way of Life—will be taken in Congress. Note: if Congress fails to perform its duty, some kind of civil war will ensue

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