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t’s time the American people woke up and understood what the big tech companies, many of which are now publishers and telecommunications companies masquerading as neutral platforms, are doing with their personal data.

From Clinton, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, & Baker to Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, Preistap, Yates, Rice, & Lynch (& far beyond), this has been a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the will of the people. 

But why? Dictatorship.   

Tweet from The Associated Press:

RT @APSouthRegion: The University of Alabama returns the largest gift in its history after the donor called for a boycott over the state's…

Looks like Ilhan Omar's got some
'Splainin to do with the IRS. Something about 8 yrs of fraudulent returns AND using campaign finances to pay for a divorce from her own brother.
~~Michelle Malkin

TIL luxury fashion sector has helped fund Italian landmarks that had been neglected:

Gucci: Florence's Boboli gardens. €2 million restoration.

Tod: Rome's Colosseum.

Fendi: Trevi Fountain (and perhaps others). €2.5 million pledge.

Bulgari: Rome's Spanish Steps. €1.5 million.
Also Largo di Torre Argentina. €800,000.

Prada and Versace: Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II landmark.

Also various other businesses and companies pledging various funds for restoration works from supermarkets to ham companies.

While Iranian propagandists like @JZarif are running around blaming the US for Iran’s problems, the solution has never been clearer.

Trump admin has laid out 12 demands, including ending its nuclear and advanced ballistic missile programs, ceasing terrorism, stopping its destabilization of the region and releasing political hostages.

's regime has to act like a normal ­country.

‪Russia Claims John Kerry Secretly Approved of Crimea Invasion via @BreitbartNews‬


Muslim app banned for containing anti-semitic rhetoric

In two separate incidents, illegal immigrants received minimal prison sentences for convictions of murder and child rape.

Mexican immigrant Eduardo de la Lima Vargas received just 12 years in prison for driving drunk in Marion County, Oregon and killing a young couple in August 2018, while Valentin Ariosto Alfonso-Arguello was sentenced to 20 years with eight years suspended for raping a 12-year-old girl, Breitbart News reported.

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23) Brian Kolfage says Project 1 cost about $7.5 Mil of the over $23 Mil raised so far.

Also, "in the pipeline right now we have about 10 properties. Project 2 & 3 will be announced after construction is almost completed, just like this one."

(This has been unbelievably fun looking around to build this thread. Thx for reading, my friends)

: On Tuesday, 8 school board members of the Fort Worth Independent School District unanimously voted to fire English teacher Georgia Clark for tweeting at President Donald Trump: 

"Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has fired his lawyers, signaling a potential change in his legal strategy as he awaits sentencing in the special counsel’s probe."

"Robert Kelner, a partner at Covington & Burling, said in a court filing Thursday that Flynn terminated their arrangement and has already hired new lawyers."

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