@ThomasWic Absolutely, and while many are addicted to the 24/7 news cycle and the instant drama gratification of social media, we will all be sitting here with our mimosas on the porch basking in the glory that is Trump and getting on with the business of our real lives! 🤩

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"They will be pulled down and ground into dirt for what they did to you and and what they did in so contemptuously underestimating me."

That would be Trump in 2020.

Count on it.


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Things have been rotten in Washington since forever.

Trump is cleaning up the mess.

Of course it's ugly and depressing, but it's not a threat to our democracy.

The "coup plotters" are idiots who made the worst mistake of their lives.

I'll end with a quote from the Manchurian Candidate.

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Matt Taibi has no grasp of history.

He also vastly overestimates the power of Trump opponents.


And he's squeezing harder and harder and harder.

The media wants you to think we're in a crisis.

We're not. This is various groups imploding while the president gets things done.

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In the past, presidents had to deal with semi-competent intelligence officials who exercised control over policy.

The people going after Trump are imbeciles.

Remember Comey saying "prostitutes peeing on each other" 300 times when being interviewed by George Stephanapolopuloulouspuslos?

Comey just came across as a pervert.


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George W. Bush and Obama had multiple secret national-security operations blown by the Intelligence Community.

Obama prosecuted more leakers than any president in history.

Carter and Reagan had to deal with trouble from their intelligence apparatuses.

What's happening now is actually much stupider than anything that even came before it.

This "coup" is retarded. It can't be justified on any level.

Trump made it into a merry-go-round of moronism and craziness.

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The Intelligence Community is not monolithic.

What's happening now has always happened, since the creation of the modern intelligence apparatus.

We don't know and will never know the extent to which the FBI and CIA blackmailed presidents.

JFK was a sex addict, and one of his lovers was also in bed with Sam Giancana, the head of the Chicago mafia.

Both the FBI and the CIA used that to influence Kennedy.

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""The Trump presidency is the first to reveal a full-blown schism between the intelligence community and the White House."


It's happened under every single president of the modern era.


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@ilumanous @Seedsaver @Cdubois @WatchfulCat @oystergirl Your picture combination is good and they all look like they fit together. I tried with some pictures too. I believe she was there but I know MSM won’t cover this story.

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@ThomasWic YES,

Saw so many twittermonkeys saying Trump's "betrayal" will "go to the history books"

He will actually be recorded as the greatest peacemaking President ever.

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Iran, the Houthis, and Hezbollah are still threats, but regime change in Iran has to begin with the Iranian people.

It can't be imposed from the outside.

So Trump didn't "abandon" anyone. He simply said nobody is entitled to American lives.

So the Kurds stopped cutting bait and began fishing.


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Trump is using economic leverage on all our enemies.

Therefore we don't have to go to war.

Assad was a puppet of the Iranian mullahs, and now he's a figurehead. His army has not engaged in actual combat since late 2016.

Syria is full of GCC commandos posing as SAA and rebels.

After the Turks are defeated, there will be kabuki that allows Assad to go to Russia in retirement.

This is the endgame for Syria.

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So the Kurds and Assad are going to work it out.

The US can cripple the Turkish economy.

Finally the EU is on our side when it comes to Turkey.

The Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation--Islamist rebels--was totally destroyed by "al-Qaeda" in January of this year, so northwest Syria was cleared of jihadists.

This is the final battlefield of the Syrian Civil War.

Trump is ending the war without causing the same disaster that we caused in Iraq.

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The Kurds control one third of Syria, so they'll end up with an autonomous region that's part of Syria.

From what I can tell, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has not been engaged in actual fighting for years now.

But showing the flag is as good as fighting.

The Kurds are making it impossible for Turkey to continue the offensive.


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On Syria.

The Trump plan is now clear, and it's working.

Until now, the Kurds refused to negotiate with the Syrian government. Now they've made a deal.


@ThomasWic @bbhack Ever notice in any family that the one who chooses to focus on control always loses to the one who is flexible? Yeah, Trump is super flexible. :)

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He and Coulter are best friends.

They have a childish worldview, in which presidents make speeches as the music swells, and then an announcement is made, and the crowd stands and applauds, tears streaming down their faces.

There's also classism. Trump is perceived as a boorish man of the people, so elitists like Coulter and Drudge are revolted.

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@ThomasWic @bbhack
Trump is a FAR better person than either of them.
They think their personal struggles & stories (Family, etc) ELEVATE THEM above "ordinary Americans.
Trump's struggles & story I guarantee you makes HIM feel CLOSER to "ordinary Americans"

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic Probably the funniest thing I have seen in years. Oh GAWD my sides almost split at this idiocy!

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@ThomasWic After ABC gets UTTERLY Hosed posting footage from a Kentucky Gun Range as Syrian/Turkish Combat=
(Boardroom Conversation) "Goddammit!! Who would have every thought these F**KING SIMPLETONS getting the Internet & Smartphones would make Americans, ....dare I say it?

(Collective GASP!!)

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