I love seeing this! I am a palmist and so awesome to be able to see things I already knew to be true. Long middle finger, extreme intelligence. Long pointer finger, extreme leadership qualities. X in middle of heart and head line, deep intuition. Wide angle of thumb generous. Spatulate fingertips, spontaneous. Meaty palm, money sits well in his hand. Wide angle at pinky, march to the beat of his own drum. twitter.com/JarradKushner/stat


Ring finger curling toward middle finger, support for the underdog. head line going all the way across the palm, extreme intelligence and ability to use imagination well. Well developed mounds at base of thumb and base of pinky - good ability to give and receive love and support. High set pinky, high self esteem from birth. crooked pinky tip, unique ability to tell a story, lie convincingly (lol @ThomasWic he is his own judas goat!) relatively thin pads at base finger digits...

@ThomasWic @wziminer not overly devoted to material goods and money. Strong connection between life and head line, deep devotion to family. Fate line sweeping up the palm in a strong line - always knew what he wanted to be and devoted life and energy toward it. Shadow line next to life line paralleling it - he has support from strong energy and protection from above. Lines parallel on thumb base - always refers back to family when making decisions.

@ThomasWic @wziminer Wide space between fingers, open hearted, open world view. Curl set to thumb, flexibility and ability to see and evaluate differing views. Well developed heart line pointing to index finger, he is with his soul mate. All in all a GREAT hand, but we knew that~ WEEE!!!

@wziminer LOL I was thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks. What is your twitter name? I will follow you!

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