You kids see this? The HSBC CEO who got fired for propping up the Yuan in China just killed himself. Sad to say I bet he didn't want to get Wacked by the CCP.

@oystergirl I was always taught you can't drown yourself...What are the details here?


His irrational fears, sadly, seem more related to mental illness than the CCP.


HSBC. Rat's nest of corruption financing.

Remember an attorney fixer who got them essentially off of major drug cartel money laundering?

James Comey.

Malaysia just indicted 17 current and former officials of Goldman Sachs for the banking scandal there that has ties back to Obama's administration.

JP Morgan has recently been targeted and names in corruption probes.

I'll stand on the edge of a branch and predict this goes all the way back to the $787 Billion stimulus.



One wonders if the ChiComm thugs hassling our U.S. Ambassador to Hong Kong, popped on over to "himself's" house.....NAAH!

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