Tweet from Rudy Giuliani.

"...Ukrainian official who gave falsified evidence to Dems was charged with a BRIBE..."

As I've said before I believe the Spygate charges will involve bribes not treason. Easier to charge a government official for a bribe than treason.

That's why I believe all the money laundering investigations are so important. The Trump DOJ is making the connections to the bribes for the DC Swamp.

If they can't quite connect the bribe there's always tax evasion charges.

Also any lobbyists involved will be charge with FARA violations.

I doubt there'll be any treason charges.


(1) So true, Alex. Charging them with treason is unnecessary and I would argue highly counter-productive too.

The goal I have at the forefront of my mind is for the outcome of all this in about 5-6 years' time to be transparency that allows for the education of voters so that they are way less likely to ever elect a traitor again.

Other benefits will also accrue, of course.



(2) IMHO:

No death sentences needed. No treason convictions. No indictment of a former POTUS - for the sake of the country, not the person. His true legacy of shame will be punishment enough.

(I explain why, in toot (1) above.)

Punishment is only one of the four pillars of corrective justice. Deterrence is at least as important.


@GodlessNZ @Alex_Graham you are both speaking as good, well rounded people who see the lay of the land, I think that for MANY out there in the depths of TDS/Lib land anything LESS that sedition/conspiracy/collusion/coup/treason will allow them to turn and say ALL this is BS and done for POLITICAL reasons. I agree that some will lose everything but skate. I do not believe HRC is one of them. I believe she WILL be convicted in order to deter others from going down the same path. Pardoned by DJT

@oystergirl @GodlessNZ @Alex_Graham

Either we have rule of law or we don't.

If people betrayed the country, their oaths of office, and broke our laws, then there must be consequences.

If there are not, then we are no longer America. We become something else then, something lesser and they have succeeded in destroying us.

There can be no more accommodation. Every one of our systems that is failing has the same problem, there is no discipline.

Without discipline we go farther into chaos.

@mrbungle @oystergirl @Alex_Graham

Come on now, none of us said we would be OK with people being allowed to skate.

@GodlessNZ @mrbungle @Alex_Graham LOL I didn't mean "get out of it" I mean NOT hang from their petards! I do agree some will be tried for lesser crimes because they will STICK.

@oystergirl @GodlessNZ @Alex_Graham

I believe that it matters what they are charged with. It matters now because we need to return to honesty in public discourse. That the thing we like about Trump, he speaks the truth not what's expedient.

Second, the left will immediately begin the martyr narrative and start rehabilitating the players. It what they do, it's how they manipulate reality.

This is a real test of the rule of law. We return to it now, or we just kick the can down the road.


With PDJT at the helm, I have no concerns whatsoever about the rule of law in the USA.

The left can screech all they like. I haven't cared about their false allegations so far and I don't intend to in the next few years.

You can be as pessimistic as you like but as for me and my house, we are having a ball. Gonna need some more popcorn, though.


@oystergirl @Alex_Graham


@GodlessNZ @mrbungle @Alex_Graham LOL my house is positive too my darling. I guess I have a bit more direct interaction with very active liberals in my circle of community and their level of stress and belief that the world is LITERALLY ending because of DJT leads me to believe that they will need incontrovertible proof that massive crimes were committed and that unlike the liberal side of things, which they are USED to and discount, NONE of these prosecutions are politically motivated.


Very well said my dear. LMAO

I'm surrounded by "very active liberals" (VALs) too.

Heck, even the so-called "center right" (whatever that means) oppo party in NZ acts like VALs most of the time.

Good times.

@mrbungle @Alex_Graham

@GodlessNZ @mrbungle @Alex_Graham In a family that is passionate, loves to debate and is active politically on both sides I had to learn to LISTEN and stick to issues at a very young age. LOL my Dad, who is Greek called me Idiote which of course means idiot but that's the term for an apolitical person too. When my mother was all high on Bernie she and my sister who was all high on Ted Cruz almost came to blows. Having none of that. It amazes me that people would let politics ruin family. Sheesh!

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