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everyone should read at least what the chairmen write about the obstruction undertaken by the dem party
Chapter X

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Duane Cates thread (soulwar)



Noted author Saul Montes-Bradley has suffered personally from fascism & has become an implacable foe of tyranny of any kind.

He recently mentioned something called "La Carta del Lavoro."

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Trump just announced new sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

We did not fight tyranny abroad to have our freedoms threatened at home.

America will never be a Socialist or Communist country.

Live now. Only 2,000 watching!


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The entire collection was brilliant until the liberal fools got ahold of it.

Conjunction Junction, what's your function?


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No rug is going to be pulled unless we win a majority in the House in November.


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Today, Johnson & Johnson begins trials for a COVID vaccine.

By Monday, we will know if the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine works.

Modern and Astra-Zeneca are not far behind.

Trump is right.

A vaccine surprise looms in the (very) near future.

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Always taught my students everytime this would come up, We ALREADY have term limits . . .It is called the VOTE.

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6) End

and the Panthers have a long history of inciting violence against cops (including the Panther who shot 5 cops in Dallas several years ago). So from my heart, I want to send you all love and gratitude for the amazing job you do. Without law and order, we do not have a county, country, or civilization.

Best and much love,

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BLM is closely aligned during many of the nation’s protests with ANTIFA, and both incite and promote lawlessness and violence, especially to law enforcement. I am not sure if our protesters here understand that Black Live Matter is a hate inciting organization and not actually a phrase of racial unity. The Black Panthers are closely aligned to Farrakan’s Nation of Islam, which is an extremely racist and divisive group,

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The protesters and our police seemed to be aligned with protesting the legal way… in designated areas, peacefully, and that does not hamper traffic. However, I was heartbroken specifically on behalf of our cops to see signs of “Black Lives Matter”- and there was a group there on the steps that appeared to be the Black Panthers (I do not know if that is true).

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It was June, not later like I think I wrote. Email to our local police:

Dear _____Sheriff and police –

I just wanted to send a brief note of appreciation and support. I saw some of the footage of the Saturday protest in downtown ___ with mixed feelings. You folks were so professional and welcoming, and good job to everybody for peacefulness and safety while people exercised their 1st amendment rights and raising awareness of racial issues.

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So I escalated the email list and got a response thanking me for info. It was the jolly posing with, that set me off. The rest of this thread, I will untag all above to not presume and not fill up their notifications. But I am going to post again now the letter I sent to my local police, who are treated like rockstars here, because they truly are awesome at law enforcement and care.

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@Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @ThomasWic @Trickster @masterblaster @Lonestar @DuaneCates


We had a protest here in my north Atlanta suburb that truly was peaceful, not in the streets, and all adhered to being on the green at the Courthouse where they were permitted for, and they did not damage property. Fine. But there were BLM and a few ACAB signs in the crowd, and the local police, who did a great job, posted jolly pictures of support. So I informed them. My email went unanswered,

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@HunDriverWidow @ThomasWic @Trickster @masterblaster @Lonestar @DuaneCates

Notice "ACAB" the same they are painting in Colombia and in Europe.

The 6th International.

The International of Morons.

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It's getting easy to keep the tovarichi at bay by blocking their email servers.

I suppose a wave of accounts from Mother Russia and Kazakhstan is because we are now so popular there...

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@REX Wray will be fired after the election. We will see a lots of stuff go down after that. You can see that guy was put in there to protect the deep state. Right now Trump is working in re-election and getting the justice approved.

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As you have heard in the past, the Chinese Water Torture.

just like with the Clinton Impeachment, their MO is just to admit and move on in less than a news cycle.

How many people will forget what they have now been through since 2015?

Trump won't let them move on.

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2. Reports like this are great.

But to clean the streets, you need justice to shine.

Hunter needs to be frogmarched, with his accomplices.

Until then, chaos will continue.

And won't ever change.

Fingers crossed that Trump has a plan. I think he does.

The end

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1. Senate Report on Hunter Biden/Burisma.

Eye-watering corruption. By Obama, Joe, Clinton and the usual gang.

It's a great read for us.


How far does this take us?

End of day, Hunter is a sleazebag. As is Joe.


What patriots want is INDICTMENTS.

It's not hard to understand.

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