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Russian fake news.

This video is FAKE, so don't be grossed out.


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Parmesan cheese crisps are unholy and Carlos Osweda is kicking butt on Twitter.

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@DuaneCates I listened, and I was annoyed when he said "Muslim women are not buried because they are not considered to have souls." I looked it up because it sounded wrong, and while they are discouraged from attending funerals, they are definitely buried after death. That's why I don't listen to a lot of these types of diatribes. I can't stand Ilhan, but I hate bigoted misinformation even more. I fight her Jew and America hatred as much as I can, by the way. @ThomasWic

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Shame it wasn't longer!

⭐ Justice: Immigration Judge Debarred for Promoting Hillary in Court

"An obviously very liberal judge, who was promoting Hillary during a deportation hearing, was just debarred for 30 months and forced to pay a $1000 fine for violating the Hatch Act."


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I'm sure it's true.

The Saudis have not retaliated for hundreds of ballistic-missile attacks on the kingdom.

This non-retaliation was a trap.

It made the mullahs overconfident.

The worst thing you can do is underestimate your enemy.

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Obama is a disgrace.

Such criticism of a sitting POTUS is beyond inappropriate. It's despicable and outrageous.

Trump uses his public profile for strategic reasons. Obama? It's just another way to look in the mirror and admire himself.

My hope is that he is America's first indicted POTUS. Trump will crush him, either way.

Obama thoroughly deserves it.


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6. So, Trump's movement is revolutionary. It's not just a passing fad, or a reaction to recent events.

It's not going away, anytime soon. Why? Because it's always been there. It just went to sleep.

Trump woke everyone up and sparked a revolution.

'Nationalist capitalism'. Not a bad label, eh. What do you think?

We live in amazing times.

The end.

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Imagine what weasel and sick perv Ed Buck knows about the inner workings of the Democratic Party.

All those kinky, corrupt Senators and Reps at State and Federal level.

Oh, my.

A loser like Buck would definitely spill the beans on corrupt Dems, to get a deal. They'd better keep a very good eye on him, because he's almost certainly a marked man.

Let's see what happens.


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Let's see.


Trump wants to expose the Obama/DNC corruption in Ukraine.


An ODNI spook, pretending to be a whistleblower, 'leaks' Ukraine story to a desperate Adam Schiff. Hook : Trump on phone with Ukrainians (100% legal).

Schiff takes the bait and runs to FakeNews, leaking classified information along the way.

Bingo : Ukraine / Obama corruption is exposed, plus Schiff is busted for leaking classified information.

Schiff got played.


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Rudy Giuliani on Twitter:

The Dem owned media is going crazy over Ukraine. But first let them report how the VP Biden bribed the Pres. of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating collusion with Hillary and Biden’s son taking millions from a corrupt oligarch, after billions from China.

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@redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike

Also, her Combat Medic Badge (CMB) is a participation award given to any medical personnel either in a combat zone or treating those in a combat zone.

She was a headquarters clerk in a medical company. Her bosses dealt with NON-COMBAT medical issues.

The Internet is full of lies about how she "went outside the wire" on combat patrols.

She's absolutely repulsive.

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19. The fall of purdue for this reason is not a good thing in my opinion. American pharmaceutical innovation is responsible for helping and extending the lives of billions across the globe. They do so with profits created from doing the exact same thing purdue did. If we want the same innovation that has kept the US light years ahead of other countries, pharma companies can't be scared to create, market, and sell their products.


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I knew that Trump and the Saudis would outwit our enemies the Iranian mullahs, the Democrats, and the media.

THEY want war.

But they won't get it.

Sorry, Tulsi. Better luck next time.



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There. I told you Trump and the Saudis would figure out the right response to Iran's attacks on the Saudis oil infrastructure.

The answer is total confusion.

Now the mullahs have no idea what's going to happen.


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Could someone explain how this is even possible? WHO is vilified in the press 24/7, and WHO received a non-stop MSM tongue bath for 8 years?

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For @skhillx3

You wrote:

"President Trump Reveals ***That The First Day He First Came Into Office, General Mattias Revealed To Him That The US Military Was VERY LOW on Ammunition (Very Low As In NONE!!)"


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By training all members of the armed forces to fight the same way, we will be able to survive the election of anti-American presidents.

You can't put the multi-domain genie back into the bottle.

We can thank Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

They're sharing technology that will put us decades ahead of China and Russia.


Tusli Gabbard can cram it.

Trump defeated her.



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