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@KurtSchlichter: "A huge endorsement for the recall.

>@latimes: 'The L.A. Times editorial board urges Californians to vote NO on recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom.

@latimesopinion: 'What’s at stake in this election is ultimately not Newsom’s political career but California's values and our democracy.' latimes.com/opinion/story/2021 '"


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@lolajl I hate to say it.


Lots and lots of remakes.

Hollywood will be even more risk averse post-COVID.

So of course they will remake every classic.

And I mean EVERY ONE.

Before I am in the grave we will see a remade Jaws, A female-lead Back to the Future, a remake of the original Star Wars, and maybe even a "modern take" on Gone with the Wind.

I'm not kidding.

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@Lemonhead @FreakinChickenLittle


... We use all 3 patterns during our big family holiday dinners. Mix it up. My stepdaughter's and stepson's other side family is not big into heritage at all. So I make sure they see the signs of their loving Nonnas from hub's side present and sharing the love gifted down. When and if they marry, hubs and I will gift each of them with a set. When and if my son marries, same. ❤️ Fam strong 👊

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Well hello there! Now it's my birthday. 🎈 🎂 ⚡ 👀 🙄 🍨

Counting my blessings, not my years, but both are stacking up.



Then: WEJ 1980 0403
Now: Woman Holding Flower

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“PROTECT THE NHS” they said.


All the while NHS was drawing up plans to deny the over 70s hospital care and put them on ‘end of life pathways’ instead.

If this doesn’t wake Brits up I don’t know what else will.

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“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

—Thomas Sowell

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I found this archived blog post from my go to blog on Korea ROK Drop about Lieutenant Colonel Montclair.


At this point I tune out from all the doom crying. I got better things to pay attention. So tiring being negative.

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We'll get through this period fine.

We're in no danger of losing all our freedoms.

But Americans have to experience things before they know whether or not they're bad, so quit yer bitching and cowering.

And stop crying, for God's sake.

You're not getting paid to cry.


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A French general who asked for a demotion to lieutenant colonel so he could personally lead the French Battalion in combat during the Korean War.

At the age of 60.

He spent the war at the front, armed only with a cane.

Led one of the last bayonet charges in western military history.

That kind of courage used to be unusual but not nearly nonexistent.

You have to die of something, so why not leading a bayonet charge, waving a cane?

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Leftists are getting more pathological by the day.

This is all coming to an end, so the pissing and moaning on our side is just as vomit inducing.

Hence my refusal to participate in any of it. People get off on being weak and afraid, so they can go for it without me.

Do you know who this guy is?

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The actor Alan Alda celebrated weakness in men.

It got pushed and pushed and pushed until there was massive blowback.

Crying cops need to be fired. We need hardasses.

They can cry in private.

Besides, THEY HAD ALL THE GUNS. What was there for them to cry about?

It's enough to make you projectile vomit, which is why I'm ignoring the whole farce.

AOC wasn't even there, but now she's sharing fantasies of being gang raped by white men.

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The reason for the increasing disgust is that cops are presenting themselves as blubbering pantywaists.

Unfit for the job.

Americans are sick and tired of weakness.

Leftists celebrate weakness. That Olympic gymnast who TOOK SOMEONE ELSE'S PLACE and then crapped out.

Unfit for the job.

We don't want crying cops any more than we want marines who weep when someone uses the N-word on them.

We went through this before, you know.

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For @redwhitebluedude

You wrote:

"This Democratic stunt with the testimony of police officers on January 6th is eroding the support for this investigation. Who would have though this was going to happen?"


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Everyone is a bit wound up because of the election results...still...the new policies... which affect us all.

And Covid-19...

Feelings...ALL of which ARE understandable...

But the ....bickering...?

Keep it simple...then...

...post a music vid or whatever floats your boat...


You'll be betta off...

BUT... we need to chill...

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When it comes to ANY Reparations?

How about three generations and you are OUT...

Kinda like baseball...

My Irish family had no slaves....as opposed to Kamala...🙄

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@Lisa22 @Mongo3804 @HunDriverWidow @CameraObscura
Thanks, I do have some honey not that one. Will ahve to try it. I also Have a friend who is an awesome herbilist, made some fantastic elixar for me that helps with the pain.She also made some thick cream that healed the radiation burns fairly quickly during treatment.

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