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Imagine only having news networks to rely on to keep us informed.

I know there are pitfalls in the era of ‘TOO MUCH INFORMATION’ but, I thank God we have people like Saul, Thomas, Rex, Brian & Duane, & many more and forums like QuodVerum to keep us informed.

Thank You!

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President Trump received 523,000+ votes in Washington last night (w/ 100,000’s of votes left to count). That is a record for any candidate, of either party, incumbent or not, ever! For context Hillary had the record at 420k. Bernie had 334k last night.

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British supermodel Naomi Campbell boarded a flight in Los Angeles on Tuesday wearing a full hazmat suit in an effort to protect herself from any potential contagion of the Chinese coronavirus.


I call BS. She did it for publicity, not protection.

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"White House Confirms Executive Order That Will End Medical Supply Chain Reliance On China"

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The Epoch Times-Declassified

DOJ Battle Against Chinese Regime Reaches Historic Scale


The DOJ campaign to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s multifaceted onslaught on US interests has ramped up to an unprecedented level, according to government officials and documents.

As of Feb, the FBI was conducting roughly 1,000 investigations into China’s attempted theft of trade secrets, just one of many fronts in the communist regime’s wide-ranging campaign against the US.

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Friday, March 6, 2020


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This is the face of a Desperate Terrified Man that knows his days are numbered!

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Lots of pictures


Got Brexit done! The UK FINALLY leaves the EU as Britons celebrate in jubilant scenes across the nation when clocks hit 11pm - from Nigel Farage in Parliament Square to ordinary people up and down Britain

On the stroke of 11pm, the UK officially divorced from the bloc after three years of bitter political struggle
The last moments were ticked off in a light show projected on to the famous black door of Downing Street

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Here ye! hear ye!
More trouble for activist judges.🎉

Justice Gorsuch: Nationwide Injunctions Raise ‘Serious Questions’ Over Scope of Courts’ Powers theepochtimes.com/justice-gors

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Pam Bondi impacts like a Thermonuclear weapon.


Beauty and Brains.

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President Trump is going to Bring Out ALL The Crimes These Corrupt Criminals Have Done! Explains why the Democrats are in PANIC!😂

Rep Andy Biggs just said:

President @realDonaldTrump's attorney, @JaySekulow, promises that the defense team will put the current impeachment case over the Ukraine phone call in the "Context of the THREE YEARS That Democrats Have Attempted to Harass, Impeach, and Remove America's Duly Elected President".

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Yesterday : US-China Phase One signed.
Today : USMCA passed in Senate.

DOW: almost at 30,000 points. On Nov 7, 2016? 18,259.

These are truly historic times. Trump is re-drawing the global trading order, based on the primacy and power of the US economy.

He is a truly great POTUS. Already, IMO, the greatest ever.

FakeNews and corrupt leftists can scream all they like, but they cannot stop what is happening.

Much as they won't be able to stop their own destruction.


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@BarleyMalt @REX

There is a man who was instrumental in changing the way we collect intelligence in the Middle East.

One day we will recognize him for all he's done and continues to do.

@GenFlynn @JosephFlynn

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@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Debradelai

The Trump years will be regarded in history as an era where many eyes were opened about how much the federal bureaucracy and big media held the average American person in contempt.

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Only a handful of us understand that EVERY SINGLE WORD AND ACTION of Donald Trump is calculated in order to advance a specific political strategy.

Strassel and Hanson don't grasp that Trump is going to DESTROY the Democrats and the state-run media.

He's not going to leave it up to them to reform.

They're in too deep. They've broken every law imaginable, so the only to end this is to wipe out the people breaking the law.

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Here's Trump having a teleconference with the armed forces on Christmas Eve.

He's perfectly "presidential."

The volume is too low, so turn it up.


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Trump DELIBERATELY made himself as repugnant as possible to the self-perceived elites so that these people would concentrate on his tweets and speaking style and be completely unaware of what he's doing under the radar.

Not even Victor Davis Hanson grasps this.

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