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Hunting rifles can be modified to hold 25 or 30 rounds.

Compare the AR-15 round on the left to the 8mm hunting-rifle round on the right.

You can ban semiautomatic rifles, but unless we change laws covering CRIMINALS and the VIOLENTLY MENTALLY ILL, someone will take a modified hunting rifle and hold off the police as they kill everybody in a building.

Our police have no protection against THESE weapons.

35) "But petitioners soldier on, tellingly complaining that New York City’s new regulation would “frustrate this Court’s review” of their Second Amendment arguments."

Yes, it would, and that's the point. New York City and the Fuckwit Five don't want the Supreme Court to reverse the rulings that THEY wanted from the lower courts that this unconstitutional idiocy is perfectly fine and legal.

10) Hill articles. Politico articles. Letters from THE SENATORS OWN OFFICES. An article from 'In These Times' whatever fucking fly by night blog that is. An opinion piece written by fucking senator Whitehouse himself. A GODDAMN QUINNIPAC POLL.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I am on page 7 of this 25 page document. I have hit rock bottom and they aren't even out of the citations yet. Send help. Or bourbon. Just throw a barrel or 100 into the river, it'll make its way to me eventually.

@nmart @DuaneCates @drawandstrike @EngOnDemand @REX

I posted this short video on QV a while back. Since there are so many new patriots on QV, I thought many of you would enjoy this video as much as I do. I never tire of seeing it over & over.


Grand prize winner of the Philips Parallel Lines 'Tell It Your Way' international competition.

"Anthony Scaramucci says Trump is in nuclear meltdown mode — and he couldn’t keep quiet any longer"

This is just more rotten meat being throw to the fake news media by another Trump judas goat.

Fake news will once again eat it up and then puke later.

5. Trump had no option but to be patient and let the process play itself out.

To let the FakeNews destroy themselves with lies. And to trust in the common sense of citizens.

While keeping his ace cards close to his chest, for when the time is right.

End of the day, Nov 8 was the killer blow for FakeNews. Full confirmation that they'd lost their grip.

Ignore their 24/7 wailing. It's been downhill fir them, ever since.

The funny part? Even now, they STILL don't get it.

The end.

Trump is cracking down on child trafficking like no president in history.

Elite pedophiles rule the world?


I'd bet any amount of money that Epstein was not murdered. He was clearly insane.

When he realized that his billions could not save him this time, he took the fast way out.


There's absolutely no way that he was offered a deal.

All his properties were cleaned out. The investigators have all the evidence.

Epstein is one of the most prolific child molesters in human history.

The country is still shocked at the FIRST deal he got.

He was going to spend the rest of his life in prison.

And he did.

Trump will eventually be seen as the most significant human in SECULAR history.

We're not talking about religious figures.

The reason Trump will be seen this way is that he devoted his powers to GOOD, not evil.

And for that we owe him a debt that we'll never be able to pay off.


Sean Davis
I’ll take “Intel Officials Who Were Leaking State Secrets To David Ignatius” for $800,” Alex.

David Ignatius
Sue Gordon embodies the values of a professional intelligence officer. She is as close to universally respected as you can find in the intelligence community. How sad (and typical) that @realdonaldtrump
seems to see her as his enemy.

Let's all help share this video so Margo Rosen gets all the credit she so deserves as well as her former boss, Jackie Speier.

I’ve watched in thrilled amazement as the Democrat nominees for President have enthusiastically embraced one surefire electoral loser after another.

1. Gun Control/Gun Bans
2. 3rd Trimester Abortion
3. Open Borders
4. Free healthcare & college for illegals
5. Gender Madness
6. Climate Change Hysteria
7. Impeachment
8. Endlessly talking about the supposed ‘White Supremacy Threat’

@drawandstrike Right? It's like they want Trump re-elected!

I imagine they're playing far left for votes and will go center. But that's not a good strategy! Not only in today’s day and age but also because Trump fights back.

He’s going to have campaign commercial after campaign commercial showing how crazy they are.

I'm thankful Dems are stupid and POTUS is a fighter!

The best story you'll see today. Others have reported on it, but this is the video from within that plane that brought this fallen hero home.

Instead of dropping, Trump’s poll numbers have been going up. They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this guy over the past 2 ½ years and he’s eaten it all and he’s still coming at them with a smile. How can his poll numbers possibly be going UP?!
In fact, the mainstream media is being forced into the reluctant admission that Trump’s approval ratings are exactly where Barack Obama’s were during his own first term.

Democrats in a panic are being forced to rush their endgame. After carefully and slowly establishing that whatever the Left deems to be ‘hate speech’ has no first amendment protections and can be freely and liberally suppressed, they were always going to point at their political opposition in this country and label them white supremacists who’s speech is always racist and therefore needs to be silenced. This was always about winning elections by default after deplatforming the other side.



I think that one of the reasons there's a delay with IG is that they're uncovering years of dodgy FISA applications. It's like the domino effect, the more they discover, the more is revealed.

Pretty amazing time to be alive.

McCabe & Strzok in full panic mode!

Tip from a practicing attorney : genuine unfair dismissal cases are filed within weeks, not years, of the dismissal. Ditto, when someone's genuine insurance claim isn't honored.

IMO, these late civil cases are a hail mary to prevent release of declass / OIG on grounds that it's evidence. And to throw a narrative out to media. Won't work.

That IG report must be a doozy.

MN State Representatives are asking the federal gov’t to launch an investigation into @Ilhan Omar for tax fraud and for...

-Taking kickbacks at 3-colleges
-Filing for unqualified tax status
-Illegally diverting campaign funds

@REX @Debradelai @drawandstrike

This is why Nadler has begun formal impeachment proceedings.

We're witnessing the death of the Democratic party.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

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