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lol tell you what. i’ll do a step by step tutorial thread on saturday, and if you still cant get it, we can figure out where to go from there

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QuodVerum is free to use.

Alas, it is not free to run.

Please contribute today.

Is this worth two cups of coffee per month?

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At the same time, Manchin said No to the major 'climate change' program in the Bill.

This is devastating for the Dems - this is the Climate hoax centerpiece of Bill #2 - Biden's boasting point at the upcoming Glasgow climate lunatic convention.

Now it is almost certainly dead

From The Hill: "The program in question is called the Clean Electricity Payment Program, which would incentivize utilities to shift toward clean sources of energy using a mix of grants and fines."


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The Democrat civil war goes on, as Bernie Sanders runs an obnoxious op-ed in the West Virginia media.

Time is running out and Bill #2 is shrinking by the day, with no progress made.

Sanders denounces Manchin by name and attacks him in his own state, because Manchin refuses to vote for the Democrats' 3.5 trillion dollar Bill.

Incredibly stupid and destructive for the Dems.


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He can come down from her perch in Paris and bring them sandwiches, then.

Henrietta has always been part of the problem.

They wanted the US out? Good. Now it's their problem.

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The most popular President in history! Here are some of his 81 million supporters:

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Follow for up to date legitimate and accurate information about our election audits. Watch the following interview with Patrick Byrne, Joe Flynn, Jovan Pulitzer, Seth Keshel, Steve Montenegro, and Colonel Phil Waldron. This is an extraordinary summary of the Maricopa Forensic audit…now we need accountability!!!

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Just remember.

"a logistical success, but a strategic failure."

Ok. I won't argue the strategic failure.

Now, how can leaving Americans behind, bringing the wrong people to America, fucking up security at the one airport and droning kids can be termed a success?

Hey, Milley, there's not sugar coating this.

It's a logistics nightmare and a strategic debacle.

You clowns, and only you, managed to snatch abject defeat from the jaws of victory.


Resign now.

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Of all the lines BidenCo has crossed, this could well be his worst - the one that affords him no protection.

Sending a man to his known certain death in battle over the base self-interest of a leader was the complete undoing of David, the primary author of Psalms.

That's where the Lord drew the line.

Biden may actually learn what a "Palmist" is before all is said and done.

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Biden's 'Mr. Tough Guy' routine is as comical and lame as you'd expect.

You'd laugh if it wasn't so cynical and evil.

Biden doesn't give a damn about vaccines. Nor do the snakes who advise him.

The crooked imbecile is simply using the issue to divert attention from Afghanistan.

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Boosting my thread from May about the crime surge in blue states and the impact on elections.

As Republicans continue to strengthen and Biden's presidency disintegrates, this factor will remain important for both next year's midterms and 2024.

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'Devolution' kooks would have you believe that there's a secret government calling the shots, somehow managed by Trump.

That 'we have to suffer to be awake'.


Look at what's happening.

No way Trump would allow this to happen. If there's some secret government running things, they're AWFUL.

And of course, there isn't.

It's the Obama crowd running things.

Focus on THEM. Not BS hopium.

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