Wow. I didn't realize that China Joe is actually the hero in all this!

Which is what the fraud just tried to gaslight America into believing.

The reality, of course, is altogether more depressing.

As Kabul burns, the moron-in-chief came out of hiding, read a shameful 10 minute speech off the teleprompter full of lies, finger pointing and spin, then disappeared again without taking questions.

What a vile individual he is.

1)Fulton County Registration Chief Ralph Jones resigns.FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Fulton County's registration chief, Ralph Jones, has resigned after more than 12 years of service, a county spokesperson confirmed.
Jones was one of the county officials onsite at State Farm Arena on Election Night, as the counting of ballots continued past midnight.

Pandemic. Southern border. Afghanistan. Is it possible that these are actual distractions, covering up what’s financially going on behind the scenes???

Three qs I'd like to ask China Joe:

'There are photos emerging of Afghan men being transported in a C17 out if Kabul. Why are these men being prioritized over America citizens, who are at the moment stranded in Afghanistan?'

'Can you confirm that each Afghan man was risk-screened before being allowed on the plane? How was that screening done?'

'You say you planned for all contingencies. What's the plan to get US citizens out of Afghanistan? What's the plan to get the US troops out?'


Guess what Afghanistan has?

Rare earth metals.

Guess who wants to corner the market on said metals?

The Chinese.

Guess who's bought and paid for by the Chinese?

If the Chinese take Taiwan, it leads to war.

A war of survival.

No holds barred.

We won't be able to sit it out.

The danger is NOT the war; it's the Chinese thinking they can get away with it.

Now, Trump prepared for this.

The Japanese are now based in Taiwan. If they're attacked, we must defend them.

There may even be standing orders to do so.

So I'm not worried about a cataclysmic global conflict.

But the point is that everything is intertwined.

Biden didn't just withdraw all of our troops.

He withdrew the men and women who serviced the Afghan air force AND prevented the Afghans from both replacing them with contractors AND bringing in other air forces.

Biden ordered t he US military to hold on to Bagram so that the Afghans couldn't do their own fighting.

Then he blamed the Afghans for not fighting.

China is at this moment setting out to make deals with the Taliban.

Thanks to Biden.

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